You Can Pay With Paypal on the App Store, Apple Music and iCloud | Here's How to Use It

PayPal has just announced that Apple customers will now be able to use their mobile payment services on the App Store, iTunes and Apple Music. PayPal's new payment option will be available first in Canada and Mexico, but will soon be extended to the United States and other countries among which Spain should be. This way, being able to pay with PayPal on the App Store may encourage more users to buy apps and games.

With this service we will be able to make purchases like applications, books and any content inside iTunes. Recall that until now can only make payments in app store by credit card or buying the cards with balance to invest in the Apple application store. That is why Apple expects this new payment option to allow them to generate a higher level of revenue in the App Store .

According to the online payment company itself, "This provides a secure and versatile payment method to meet the growing demand for digital entertainment. The availability of PayPal in Apple services further extends our vision of offering customers a variety of ways to make mobile purchases easily, such as asking Siri to make a payment with the PayPal application. "

The new payment option introduced today in Mexico and Canada also includes PayPal's One Touch service on all Apple ID accounts, so you can purchase seamlessly from any of Apple's devices including Apple TV and Apple Watch . Remember that paying with PayPal in the Google Play Store has been possible for many years.

How to pay with PayPal in the App Store

Although the possibility of paying with PayPal in App Store , Apple Music and other services of Cupertino has not yet arrived in Spain , we already know how this payment system will work for Apple devices. First of all, of course, you must have a PayPal account , which you can create one for free. Assuming you already have an Apple ID, you can select "PayPal" as your payment method.

To do this, you should go to the configuration of your App Store , Apple Music, iTunes, or iCloud account directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, or access the digital store from your computer. Once PayPal is selected to pay on the App Store or any other company service, it will become the default payment method for all purchases you make using the Apple ID. So with this new option, you can pay for applications, music, movies, TV shows, books, as well as subscriptions to Apple Music and even hire more storage on iCloud.