Yahoo Messenger Closed | Internet Mourns Over Shutdown of YM

Plenty of netizens are feeling bad as among the first messenger solutions to be launched while the net itself wasn't so popular, Yahoo Messenger or even YM, goes off out of service successful today, July 17. The statement that the app is going to be pulled on this date was made a while back but the fact strikes only when something isn't there anymore.

Yahoo Messenger Closed

As an alternate arrangement, users have the option to utilize the Squirrel support that has the conversation and other attributes that YM provided. The Squirrel app can be found on both the Android and iOS for download.

Individuals who've been using Yahoo Messenger remember the way the app was first made public in 1998 and it was subsequently called Yahoo Pager. The very next year, the title has changed to Yahoo Messenger and also the second communications tool bringing geographical boundaries thrilled all and one. It needs to be mentioned that YM, since it had been previously working, was closed down three decades ago and reintroduced at a new avatar that's also being removed now.

Internet Reacts Over the Yahoo Messenger Shutdown

Yahoo Messenger Alternative

AOL possesses the Squirrel messenger support and that's what's encouraged by AOL today, instead of YM.AOL had acquored yahoo messenger back.

When you've got a Yahoo Messenger accounts, hopefully, you moved through a previous piece on those columns in which the techniques to download your conversation history and keep it on your desktop or mobile were summarized. You'll require the Account Credentials to download the conversation history. If you're shifting to Squirrel, then there's a means to alter the YM chat background to another folder inside Squirrel.

As soon as you've got the information you require, you need to uninstall the Yahoo app from the device.

There are many memories and messages being traded on the internet about YM and the number of couples were able to understand each other throughout the messenger service and are feeling depressed to see it proceed.