Xiaomi to expand in Europe in the next few years

Xiaomi has practically everything in the market, beyond mobile phones and tablets. In its catalog you can find scales, towels, cameras, air purifiers ... But the Chinese brand seems to want more and Xiaomi will expand throughout Europe in the coming years , opening stores in virtually every country.

Xiaomi to expand in Europe

Xiaomi plans to fill the world with more than 2,000 new stores in the next three years. Half of them outside China, overseas, with partners "We will be seen in all countries," said Wang Xiang, senior vice president of the brand.

The Chinese company has become one of the largest phone suppliers in the world, with a wide catalog in which you can find models of any range and that fit any need or any price. But not only are phones and tablets but Xiaomi has wearables , air purifiers or even towels.

So far, Xiaomi had reached the majority of its market through online stores or distributors. Spectacular growth in less than ten years. But now the brand will not settle for continuing to grow via the Internet, but there will be more than 2,000 physical stores worldwide.

This year, the brand has already expanded to countries like Egypt, Russia or UAE and even manufactures devices locally in India and Indonesia. Next year will seek expansion in Southeast Asia and Western Europe.

Quality at low prices

Much of Xiaomi's success is due to quality despite its low prices . "If you buy a product from any store with a low price, your expectation is that the quality is not good, but we want to demonstrate that you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy a high quality product," explained Wang. Challenges more difficult for them.

That's why physical stores are necessary. Stores where users can familiarize themselves with the product and see up close and touch to believe that they are facing a good device even if it does not cost much money. The physical stores would allow the product to be tested and this would put an end to skeptics buying Chinese (less and less) mobile phones.

Not only will it expand its way of selling products, but it will also expand its product catalog, where you can find almost anything. Xiaomi wants to bet on the Internet of Things and wants to launch everyday objects linked to mobile phones.The brand talks about televisions, lamps or coffee makers that can be controlled from the smartphone with ease.

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