Xiaomi Qin AI feature phone Comes with No Back Camera

Reliance Jio, together with the launching of Jio Phone, established you don't require a smartphone to get intelligent capabilities. Currently, Xiaomi is now a step farther and place Android OS at a characteristic telephone, together with a host of other goodies. The business has announced the Qin AI feature phone using its crowdfunding system in China, that includes an intriguing set of features. Lets see about htis new Xiaomi Qin AI feature phone.

Xiaomi Qin AI feature phoneRunning forked Android OS known as Mocor 5, the essential highlight of this mobile is the fact that it includes AI voice function such as real-time audio translation from 17 distinct languages. The AI also can answer questions and inform poetry to kids.

Xiaomi Qin AI feature phone Specifications

The feature phone doesn't include rear or front cameras, however, it will contain an infrared detector to allow you to control the home appliances like TV, AC, and much more. In the core of the feature phone runs an SC9820E ARM Cortex A53 SoC with a dual-core chip, clock rate 1.3GHz, also ARM Mali T82GPU. It includes 256MB of RAM and 512MB storage. The Qin AI comes with a hybrid double SIM card slot, also 3.5millimeter audio socket.

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Additionally, it comprises a USB Type-C interface for charging and data transport.

Xiaomi Qin AI feature phone Comes with a 2.8-inch QVGA screen using a bodily T9 keypad. Contrary to JioPhone, Qin Ai attribute phone does not have cameras but frees in providing forked Android OS known as Mocor 5, that includes AI voice attributes for real-time translation from 17 languages. However, the deficiency of rear cameras onboard is abnormal in mobiles nowadays, to that Xiaomi states it's done keeping the safety of their users in your mind.

It's surprising to watch Xiaomi Qin Ai attribute a USB Type-C interface -- a characteristic which isn't widely embraced by budget devices let alone feature smartphones like this one. Along with a 1,480mAh battery-powered. Ultimately, there is a universal IR remote management feature to control the home appliances like TV, AC and much more.

Similar to some other electronic voice helper, the AI onboard Qin Ai will answer your questions and sing poems to kids. Considering that the phone runs on the variant of Android OS, users will have the ability to install programs such as WhatsApp, Facebook from side-loading them to the telephone.

There's not any word on whether Xiaomi intends to launch Xiaomi's Qin AI feature phone in different markets.