Xiaomi, meaning from zero to hero

Xiaomi is a specific company that has gone a long way. Well, how much "Chinese", but due to the interesting policy of product deployment and a little luck, smartphone sales are growing, gaining a wider circle of supporters.


In the beginning, there was a card ...

Remember the first smartphone Xiaomi? Most of you probably did not, because there was such a period in the development of this company when the manufacturer was only in its own home market. In addition, the first smart cells with their logo can be largely regarded as "inspired" products, which - to put it mildly - refer to the current smartphones in the market. Do not you believe So look at Xiaomi Mi 1. It is difficult to overlook the iPhone, though the interface largely refers to the Samsung TouchWiz. The irony, but the manufacturer has groomed the distinctive signs of the two - gently speaking - of businesses falling into one device.

In the end, there are two things to note in the end. First of all, if one can actually talk about certain similarities with A-brand brands, one thing usually distinguishes Xiaomi from other types of piercing: their devices enjoyed high user ratings. Mainly by three factors: good quality of materials, satisfactory or good work culture and, of course, the relation of price to quality. Probably the third predominated, as a result of which Xiaomi began to grow in the eyes.

Since 2010, when the world first heard about this producer, their equipment began to gradually reflect their own vision of development, but the smartphone kingdom was not at all and probably not a pearl in the crown of the corporation.

Xiaomi everywhere

The brand, whose value in 2012, two years after its inception, exceeded $ 1 billion, had an interesting idea to flood the market with their products in almost every possible segment. It is good to say that smartphones, which the manufacturer is known in India, are just the tip of the empire of the company.


Do you want to buy an intelligent band, a lamp, a pencil, a pencil case or a TV from Xiaomi? No problem, assuming you can wait a bit until you come to China. The longer I visited the official site of the manufacturer , the more I became convinced that Xiaomi was playing a banquet and was determined to flood the market with more and more products that for most players do not make much sense. You can even buy original shoes from Xiaomi. Shoes, do you feel it?

Ramp up in the graces of the industry

Most Chinese smartphones are encountering their own glass ceiling. Usually, it embodies the myth of Chinese shoddy, copying ideas and lack of ideas on each other. How to change the black PR, which can finish even the best emerging company? Hire a well-known, best-of-breed technology company. Do you know what's called the CEO of Samsung or Sony? Most of you probably do not. I admit that I would have to worry about it for a long time.

But the company played very courageously, putting on a representative position of Hugo Barra. A guest who ate his teeth on mobile technology for many years working on Google and helping to create an Android that controlled all the work of all Xiaomi devices. It was at that time that my opinion about this company began to change. If someone like Barra, who has his face "some Xiaomi", must have it "something". Let's find out that a man with such a reputation could be dressed up in job offers, yet he chose that one. Not much, impressed on this corporation a great stigma, and by the way - perhaps completely unconsciously - helped revolutionize the oscillating world of smartphones.

We end up with frames

October 2016. Another conference from Xiaomi. Hugo Barra presents the "standard" smartphone, for which - in the visual sense - could be considered Xiaomi Mi Note 2, but that is not all. Barra mentions that "by the way" Xiaomi has also created a frameless, ceramic smartphone, which is called Mi Mix. Works, but it is a conceptual product. I assume that at this point some of the journalists who came to this presentation sensed that something big was going on. And so it happened.


For the first time, Xiaomi has created a device that has set the trend . While Mi 4, Redmi line or Redmi Note had their characteristics, Mi Mix was a SOM. Sam wanted to buy this smartphone and I was willing to leave a few dollars in an authorized dealer, just to see what it was like to have such an impressive screen. The product charmed, and the wave of positive reviews that rolled through the web gave it to other manufacturers.

Calf and inspiration?

History has it that it likes to wheel around. Xiaomi was originally inspired by other great players. After six to seven years, when he joined the company of A-Brand, he has to deal with the problem of "equipment". There are several smaller brands on the market that have decided to create smartphones that largely reflect the Mi Mix concept. Who knows, maybe someday one of them will also create something that will enchant people around the world?

On the other hand, it is a strange coincidence that in just a few months after Mi Mix was released, almost all of the leading players have come up with slimming frames. Both those who do not avoid innovation and companies that are reluctant to look at changes, striving rather affix the next generation of their products. This is a great success for Xiaomi, who seems to be a brand that at the moment does not have to prove anything to anyone at the moment. It is also a beautiful feature of CV Hugo Barry, who earlier this year chose a job offer on Facebook and no longer has any influence on the development of products from Xiaomi.

Fighters, or PR matter

Do you remember how Polish users ridiculed the name Xiaomi? Sam did it wrong because something like "Kshajomi" came out. A handful of commenters escaped me very quickly and learned that it was "Siaomi" or possibly "Shajomi".

I also once witnessed a rather specific incident when a teenager in the commission asked about "Ksajomi Mi-five". The boy behind him reacted strangely. He said it was "Szajomi". It surprised me. The guy wanted to buy this phone, maybe even made a deal, but after all, it was possible to talk in a hundred different ways, and not immediately start with criticism, to that in such a small aspect.

One of the most popular memes with the text "Xiaomi better"

The brand is her fans. Xiaomi is just great smartphones, but if there is a group of users who have already had their own meme "Xiaomi better", then something is wrong. Of course, not all of the company's supporters are such. I dare say that it's only a small fraction of fans. I myself know many people who use their products and do not cultivate anywhere "cult of the brand." I do not know, however, that in the long run, these types of fighters will not act to Xiaomi's disadvantage in India.

The second bottom is that once, of course, their road races were held by supporters of Samsung and Apple. This is not a long history card. Besides, they are not the only ones. There are still warlike archives for Huawei and other companies in the archives for discussion, but I have the impression that all those who so actively clicked on the keyboard a few years ago now have relaxed because they saw that the game was not worth the candle. Surely the devotees from Xiaomi will come to the same conclusions in a year or two, and in their place will be another group called X;)

The future is painted in warm colors

Ffoxconn is doing a good job in India when it comes to Xiaomi distribution. Products with a distinctive logo give me a  break to the operator's offer, they can be found in many consumer electronics and financial results are up. The cash register agrees, a philosophy that is still largely based on price battles, has also remained (unchanged) unchanged. As a result, I am strangely quiet about a company that, two or three years ago, was the epitome of a typical Chinese no-name

I would like to see something more. "Xiaomi Island", which operates in Warsaw, despite being a step forward, does not present the entire assortment of the company. I am also waiting for other products that may prove to be a real innovation. Apparently, a smartphone with a screened fingerprint scanner and a collapsible screen is approaching, but in the latter case, we'll have to wait a bit longer. Maybe this waiting time will help some to cool down and relax.