Xiaomi Helium, a new low-end mobile phone appears in Geekbench

Xiaomi introduced a few months ago the Xiaomi Mi 6 , one of the best phones of the year, and will present in the coming weeks the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, a phone with an innovative design and high-end specifications. But not only its flagship lives the Chinese brand and now seems to be preparing a new phone for its entry range, Xiaomi Helium.

Xiaomi Helium

With all the attention focused on launching some branded phones like the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 , the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 or the new Redmi 5 , for example, a new entry-level phone has gone through Geekbench. The phone has reached the benchmark with the codename "Xiaomi Hellum" and would be a good option to strengthen the low range.

The Xiaomi Helium has appeared in Geekbench showing some of its characteristics. It would be a phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor at 1.40 GHz, an eight-core processor quite old but logical for a low cost phone. Accompanying the processor, the supposed Xiaomi Helium would work with a RAM of 3 GB and, for the moment, we do not know what their storage will be.

The mobile would run Android Nougat 7.1.2 , the latest update of Google's operating system until the launch of Android O , which is on the way and could be available in summer, according to the latest published rumors.

The step of the Xiaomi Helium by the benchmark does not reveal more details about the phone but everything indicates that it will be an economic mobile to reinforce the entrance range of Xiaomi. It is likely that in the coming days and weeks we can see this phone in other certification sites and we can know more details, but at the moment it is only rumors and leaks and nothing official confirmed by Xiaomi.

New Xiaomi mobile

Xiaomi focuses its efforts on new releases such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, of which some characteristics are already known thanks to its passage through GeekBench last week. But it is not the only one, the Chinese brand also preparesto launch to the market MIUI 9 , the great upgrade of its personalization layer that users have been waiting for months.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus are also on arrival. High-end phones that would run on a Snapdragon 835 and would include 4 or 6 GB of RAM , for example. Both are also expected with dual camera although the Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus is expected in the coming days and the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is expected to hit the market during the next month of August.