Xiaomi Confirmed That Mi Mix 2 Will Appear On The Market Very Soon

Mi Mix only for a time was a "unique". Competitors in fact fairly quickly announced a similar-looking proposals (including Doogee Mix and Archos 55 S Sense ). Xiaomi is not discouraged, however, because it was officially confirmed that the  Mi Mix 2 will appear on the market.

Design  Mi Mix  majority already "bandaged" and was no longer so admire. But the undoubted advantage of this device is the top FPS specifications (eg processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821  and 128GB or 256GB internal memory UFS 2.0 LPDDR4 6GB of RAM and a more powerful version, and for that several innovative solutions), which offer not attempted - so far - no rival (UMIDIGI indeed "something" out there promises competitive, but if the declaration is over).

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That is why it is worth to wait for  Mi Mix 2 . And you can do it, because Xiaomi officially confirmed that the smartphone will appear on the market . And although the manufacturer has not revealed about the upcoming news any details, no doubt you can expect, among others, Snapdragon 835 , 6 GB / 8GB RAM, and 128GB / 256GB internal memory, and of course even more  screen-to-body ratio (ratio of the surface occupied by the display to the whole surface of the front panel). What's more, some even predict that the Chinese apply this model also fingerprint reader, integrated screen .

It is not known exactly when the debut  Mi Mix 2 , but the majority of people suggest that this will happen in the fourth quarter of 2017 years. And all in all it seems quite logical, because the  Mi Mix  premiered in October 2016 at the end of the year.

OK, what, who is already rubbing his hands before the official presentation  Me Mix 2 ? 🙂 It may also interest some information that will help the design of this smartphone.