How to Turn Whatsapp Voice Messages into Text

From time immemorial users have tried to find programs that help transform text messages into audio. In this way many students, for example, can take notes in a much simpler way or prepare their exams saving a lot of time. There is an app that also allows you to Turn Whatsapp Voice Messages into Text.

WhatsApp has more features, such as new filters for WhatsApp photos or the ability to display our location in real time (which is not to everyone's liking). However, there are functions that require the use of third-party applications, such as Voicer for WhatsApp , an app that allows any user to transform WhatsApp voice messages into text

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This way we will be able to select any voice note from WhatsApp , and have either sent it ourselves or just received it from one of our contacts to immediately transform it into text in a simple way.

Transforms WhatsApp Voicemail

In addition to taking notes more easily, the utility of transforming audio into text within WhatsApp can help us, when we find ourselves in a noisy environment where it is difficult to hear the voice messages sent to us, transform them into text for comfort. However we remind you that you can also use the internal speaker of the smartphone to listen to any audio notes of WhatsApp.
"Voicer for WhatsApp" converts WhatsApp voice messages into written text at the touch of a button. Simply select the voice message of the messaging application by clicking on it and locate the "Share" option, then you should select "Voicer for WhatsApp" from the list of possible applications compatible with WhatsApp voice note. In a few seconds you will see, with more or less success, the audio note converted into text.
You can use the application settings menu to change the recognition language. The application supports more than 50 languages.
Do you know of any other WhatsApp gimmicks, either using the application itself or using third party services like " Voicer for WhatsApp" ? Leave us your tricks in the comments of this same news and thus help other users who want to squeeze the most of the most used instant messaging application in the world.