What It Semi-jailbreak and How to Semi-jailbreak on an iPhone

Usually, a Jailbreak is to exploit different iOS faults to get administrator permissions on the operating system so that we can have control over everything, for example, to install unsigned applications or to modify different aspects of the device that, by default, Could not be changed.

ios-jailbreakEvery time iOS updates Apple closes the security flaws that have been used and force developers to look for new ways to exploit the system and get back to winning the root permissions. This is becoming more complicated and more dangerous since the number of malicious applications for iOS outside the official store is considerable.

Since launching a new version of iOS until the Jailbreak is achieved, it usually takes quite some time. Before getting it usually comes an intermediate technique called "Semi-Jailbreak" that allows you to install certain applications on the device without giving the user the root permissions.

Semi-Jailbreak Features

  • It is a safe process.
  • We do not need a computer to do it.
  • It is totally reversible. In less than a minute we can make no trace of him.
  • The applications we can install are based mostly on web apps.
  • We can change the themes of our iPhone.

What we can not do with this method

  • We can not install applications or games like those that appear the JB version of Cydia or AppCake.
  • We will not have root permissions on the device.
  • We can not enjoy low-level applications or configurations available for a complete Jailbreak.
  • It is a very early project, it still lacks a large number of applications in the Cydia WebApp and these are quite limited.

How to Make a Semi-Jailbreak

We can do a semi-jailbreak to any iPhone with a version inferior to iOS 8.4 beta 1 simply by accessing the following link with safari.

The process is very simple and fully automatic. Once we open the previous web we will detect our device and the version of iOS that we are running. We accept the terms that appear to us and will begin downloading packages to our iPhone.

We accept the warning messages that Apple shows us and we wait until the process is finished. It is also possible that we have to manually activate the SemiJB profile so that unsigned applications can run. The whole process is almost automatic.

Semi-Jailbreak-iPhoneOnce the whole process is finished, we will see a message indicating that everything has finished without any problems. We already have our iPhone with Semi-Jailbreak.

All the applications that we install can be seen from the section Settings> General> Profiles. From here we can also remove them and disappear from the device without leaving a trace.

As we can see this process is very different and limited compared to the original Jailbreak. For the moment with the Semi-Jailbreak can only install mainly WebApps that we download from the WebApp Cydia that is installed during the process and some themes (also from that store) to modify the appearance of our iPhone.

To install full applications, optimizations and advanced low-level tools we must wait for the full Jailbreak to come out, which usually takes several months from the publication of the latest version of iOS.