What is VPN - Virtual Private network?

In most schools and offices, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are blocked. This is necessary to ensure that the students and office employees do not waste their time. This is really annoying if you are on the other side of the table, that is, if you are a student or if you are working in an organization where all the interesting website are banned.

More and more Internet connections are being filtered, from public Wi-Fi and workplace connection filtering to ISP and country-level censorship like great firewall of china which don’t even allow YouTube to be accessed from china. However, there are still ways to get around this filtering and view blocked websites using a VPN.

What is a VPN?


The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It’s one of the type of private network connection that enable users to create a secure connection over the public Internet to private networks at a remote location. It helps users to surf the web anonymously. All the data which is surfed by users transferred through a secure private connection. This private connection uses the number of technologies such as tunneling protocols, certified connections, encryption and data encapsulation to offer a secure connection.

Why Should You Use VPN Software?

As mentioned at beginning, you can use VPN to bypass the restriction imposed by system administrator at your school college or other places and are you a tech guy who loves to purchase products and services online from online shopping stores (Amazon, eBay) and often use a credit card for payments? Then you should use vpn services. Because when you surf the internet through vpn services your internet connection being encrypted. And no one can track you and also your confidential info’s like passwords, credit card number etc. Though, almost all online shopping stores also implement HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol but a virtual private network can enhance security twice.

Best Free VPN Software's

1.HotSpot Shield


HotSpot Shield is one of the most famous and best VPN (Virtual Private Network) software’s developed by AnchorFree. It is top ranked software in the list of VPN software’s because it’s totally free and provide high speed browsing experience to users. The free version of Hotspot little bit frustrating because of ads, but paid version is also available.



CyberGhost is also one of the best and free alternatives to HotSpot shield. This application is available on operating systems like Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. You can surf the internet with CyberGhost safely, anonymously, faster speed, hide IP address, can protect your private data and much more.



TunnelBear is another free vpn software that is extremely easy to use, consumer friendly and faster. As a free surfer, there is a bandwidth limit of 500MB/month but you boost bandwidth limit up to 1GB by promoting them on twitter. If you want to get more volume, then go for pro-plans and purchase pro packages.

You could combine VPN with Tor browser to surf Dark web more securely.

Which one of above VPN’s is your favorite one and which gives you better speed? Let me know your views below.