What is Google Assistant and its Roll out to non Pixel Devices

Hello guys, so as all of you might know GOOGLE released Google Assistant in October 2016, till that time it was made PIXEL PHONES exclusive but then this 26th Feb. (at Mobile World Conference) Google made Google Assistant available to all the Android Devices with and above Android Marshmallow.

So what is Google Assistant?

In simple words- Google Assistant is a Siri competitor, and it’s truly taking the competition to a whole new level. Google Assistant is available on Android, Google Home currently. Google Assistant replaces the Now-On-Tap feature which was released by Google, during the launch of Android Marshmallow. The Now-On-Tap feature is not gone actually, it’s integrated in Google Assistant. Google Assistant is still new and surprisingly better than Siri! Google Assistant knows how to carry out conversations (deeper conversations), in the sense that for example:-

Me:- Tell me about Amitabh Bachchan (For all non Indian Guys out there, he is a Bollywood star)

G.A.:- (info)

Me:- What’s his height?

So, Google Assistant will actually get that, and will tell you the height of Amitabh Bachchan.

The Rollout of Google Assistant to Non-Pixel Devices

Finishing the exclusivity of Google Assistant to Pixel Devices, though it was a major selling point for Pixel Devices, Google declared the availability of Google Assistant for all Android Devices running Android Marshmallow and above.

Google Assistant will be first made available for English users in U.S., followed by U.K., Canada, and Germany. Google aims to expand the reach of Google Assistant by launching it for more languages by the end of 2017.

The rollout has been quite slow until the night of 8th Mar., (as it is a server side rollout) when many users started receiving the Google Assistant.

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Minimum requirements for Google Assistant

  1. Device with Android Marshmallow or above (6.0+)
  2. 720P display
  3. 5+ RAM
  4. Play Services ver. 10.2.98+
  5. Google App ver. 6.13.xx

To make sure that you receive Google Assistant, do check that you have the latest Play Services App and Google App. For more info. Stay tuned.

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