How to Watch Online Tv Streaming From an Android Smartphone or Tablet

Nowadays, with mobile connectivity, whether Wi-Fi or data, smartphones, and tablets, a very popular use by users are the ability to watch TV online, streaming, for free from anywhere. Although, in spite of violating the policies of the Play Store (since, as we know, Google applies them at random) there are several applications in the store specific for this purpose, many of them are quite expensive or have a very intrusive advertising that Reaches the point of showing us a full-screen ad while watching a channel.


Since third-party apps are pretty lousy, and the official ones are not much better than them, in this article we're going to show you an alternative way to watch online TV streaming from Android smartphones and tablets for free and 100% free Advertising banners

To do this, we will use the following database of DTT TV channels published in GitHub which, updated periodically, will provide us the URLs of each channel so that it can be viewed in any player, such as the one we are going to see the continuation.

AC3 Player as an open source player to watch online TV streaming from Android

As we have said, we already have the list of channels we mentioned before from the list of Github, however, we need a player, compatible with network functions, to see it. The first one that came to mind was VLC, however, we have had enough problems to play most channels, so, looking for other alternatives, we have found with AC3 Player, a free and open source player, with nothing Advertising, inspired by VLC, but with the AC3 codecs included by default.

The first thing is to download this player in our device.

AC3 Player
Developer: Movie apps Ltd.

Price: Free

Once installed, we run it. The first thing we will see is the list of internal videos of our device since, as we said, this is a media player.


Open the side menu of the application and we will select the network dump option, named as " Open MRL".


Now we will see a text input box where we must paste the URL of the channel we want to play.



All we have to do is go to the GitHub website, copy the address of the channel we want to play and click on the "Go" button to connect to that address and start playback.

As you enter all these addresses at once can be very heavy, the program saves a history with all the channels we visit. In this way, as long as the company itself does not change its URLs, we can open any of them by clicking directly on that address.

TV-Online-AC3-Player-650×406If any of the channels change, simply go to the GitHub page, copy the new address and paste it again into the program, removing already address that no longer works by clicking on the icon in the trash can.


Obviously, the advertising itself of the channel in question we will not be able to eliminate it, however, at least we will watch TV on our smartphone or Android tablet without a single annoying advertising banner.