How to View Saved Wi-fi Passwords on iOS

Whenever we connect to a Wi-Fi network from a smartphone or a tablet, whether Android or iOS, we must enter the password of the network for the first time in order to connect to it and to start browsing. This password is stored in the internal memory of the device so that each time we have that network within reach we connect to it automatically without having to enter it again. However, due to this, it is possible that if we need to recover the password in the future (for example, when resetting the factory settings of the smartphone or trying to connect from another computer) we do not remember and we have to ask the owner again, And even stay without the possibility of connecting.

how-to-save-data-in-ios2As we have already seen, in Android it is possible to recover this password if we are users with root permissions, however, iOS is a much more closed operating system, so this method would not serve us to access the passwords of the mobile operating system from Apple. However, not everything is lost, and thanks to an application it is possible to recover these passwords.

For security, just like on Android, these passwords are not accessible to all users, so if we want to recover them it is necessary to have Jailbreak previously to our iOS device.

How to recover passwords for Wi-Fi networks stored on iOS

As we have said, thanks to the application " Network List " we will be able to see all the passwords of all Wi-Fi networks that we have connected to. Obviously, this application is outside the policy of iOS applications, so we will not find it in iTunes (and hence we need Jailbreak).

We can download Network List completely free of charge from Cydia. Once downloaded, the alternative application store will automatically install it on our device, so we will be at the end of the process.

Once we have Network List installed, the only thing left to do is go to the Settings menu of your operating system and, from there, access the section of Wi-Fi connections. Here, at the bottom, we will see a new section called, according to the version of iOS that we have installed, " Network passwords ", " Known passwords " or " Known Networks ".



If we click on this new entry we will be able to see how we have opened a new screen where we will see a list with all the networks to which we have connected from our iOS device and its corresponding passwords.


Although this application allows us to export the list with all the passwords (at least in the most recent versions of iOS), it is not possible to copy them one by one to a note or to the clipboard of our device, so if we want to save them we will not have Other than pulling a screenshot or resorting to the classic, that is, paper and pen.