How to Use Whatsapp in Nokia 3310 (2018)

Nokia introduced at the 2017 Mobile World Congress its Nokia 3310 2017. A vintage phone that is already available in the market for 3400 indian rupees or 59euros which can get to last more than 700 hours on a single charge. The Nokia 3310 2017 has very basic specifications regarding the rest of mobiles that we are accustomed but now its users can download and use WhatsApp in the Nokia 3310.

WhatsApp has billions of active users worldwide and we can find it practically on any phone of anyone we know. The Nokia 3310 is not intended to install external applications and is not intended to have more messaging than the classic SMS. But WhatsApp can be installed on the Nokia 3310.


The new edition of the Nokia 3310 works with Nokia 30+. A system that is compatible with WhatsApp Lite version officiates , which can be downloaded from the official WhatsApp website. Simply download the free WhatsApp application for Nokia 3310 and receive and send messages through the Nokia 3310, although it is a rather more limited version than the official application.

For Nokia Symbian S40 whatsapp or Series 40 whatsapp devices check official WhatsApp website

If this option does not work you can download the jar or jad from WhatsApp from other sources and install it on your device without any problem.

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The Nokia 3310 is aimed at people who just want to have a hands-free phone without the worries of receiving notifications, emails or alerts at all times. A phone that allows little more than to call, send SMS , make some photo (with very poor quality) or play the well known Snake . But we can not always disconnect from the WhatsApp for work, for family ... and this is a perfect option to have the essentials in the Nokia 3310.

The phone is made only fit for the nostalgic , with an internal storage of 16 GB and a processor compatible with 64-bit architecture. The mobile only has a camera, as it has always been until the arrival of smartphones, 2 megapixels in the back, accompanied by flash.

It stands out for its battery. A 1,200 mAh battery that might seem limited but that manages to give more than 22 hours of autonomy in conversation to the mobile, more than 51 hours listening to music or more than 744 hours of autonomy when the Nokia 3310 is on standby, which will not I will not forget the charger if we go on a weekend trip.

Now, besides not needing to load it, we can use WhatsApp on the Nokia 3310 and do not disconnect from what happens in our group of friends, at work or in the family.

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