How to Use Two 4g Sim in One Mobile Phone

In this tutorial, I'll let you know how to use two 4g sim in one mobile without disabling any sim cards or perform some complicated settings or by installing any complex applications and adjust your smartphone to it. This simple trick works excellent in rooted and non-rooted smartphones. So everybody can use this trick without facing any problem.

Most of us know that reliance jio is providing complimentary jio Sim bundled with complementary information, calls, etc. sooner the FUP jio data limitation was set to infinite as it was established over a period that they shifted and decreased the jio information FUP limitation to 4GB every day. Because of this many of users in India have got a new Jio SIM card as it was free.

But now the problem Jio shows no range when using with Airtel or Vodaphone or for that matter any other 4g sim card. The Reason behind this is Jio has only 4G (LTE) connectivity over India and reports says that Jio towers also have 5g connectivity option for future use. So when a non-Jio sim is set in LTE mode the sim in order sim has to switch to 3g or another network. So for all who asked us can we use two 4g sim in one mobile, here is a tutorial for you guys.This trick lets you use both sims even if you have 4g on both sims.

The solution is simple.To use Jio sim along with Airtel or Vodaphone you need to keep the other sim card let say airtel on our example to 3g mode.

Steps to Use Two 4g Sim in One Mobile Phone

Note: I am using Asus Zenfone 2 Laser running Lineage OS 15. Your settings options may be different.

1. Go to Settings Open Network and Settings and select Mobile network.

2. Select the sim of Your choice(Airtel Vodaphone or any other 4g Sim).

3. Click Advanced to expand the drop-down and then click on the Preferred network type

4. Select 3g from the popup option.

This will switch your non-Jio sim to 3g network, and many companies(almost all in India) have a 3g range or if not 2g. Doing this will let your jio sim switch its preferred network to 4g LTE, If not you can manually change the prefeed network selecting the jio sim card.

But what if you need to use 2 Jio sim in one mobile?

The best way to use 2 jio Sim in a single mobile

Let's begin the trick to utilize 2 jio Sim in one 4G smartphone.

  1. Insert two jio sim cards in your smartphone. There'll be two Sim slots such as sim1 and sim2.

2. Switch on your phone once you completed installing the Sim cards onto your mobile phone.

3. Proceed to the preferences of your cell phone. In your cell settings, you will discover the choice called Sim cards. Each cell phone has its own set of alternatives in preferences so that you can hunt for Sim card settings in your cell phone. Open Sim card configurations to locate double Sim card configurations sim1 and sim2 configurations.

4. On your Sim card preferences, you only have to permit the jio Sim that you need to use and disable additional Sim. Let's say if you would like to utilize Sim1 jio then allow it and disable sim2.

5. The key is simple you have to enable and disable whatever Sim you would like to use, and you can use the 4G Internet. When you disable or enable any SIM card slot, you need to wait a little while before it enrolls fully on this particular network. At any time you can disable or enable some other sim slot and also make it as a default Sim preferred.

6. You have to open and configure jio4Gvoice program as it reveals off-line and likes not able to discover Sim card mistake. Open jio4Gvoice program, and you may click on configure jio4GVOICE. Every time you allow either Sim1 for a default option Sim or sim2 as defaults Sim in the Sim card configurations, you need to start jio4Gvoice program and do so. It's easy to perform as it requires hardly five minutes to configure jio4Gvoice program and you may navigate the jio 4G.

So thats all you need to do Use Two 4g Sim in One Mobile Phone. As well as we explained how to use 2 jio Sim in a one mobile