How To Use Pen drive As RAM

Ever been in a situation where you are using multiple programs like browser, media player, defragmenting your hard disk etc. and suddenly one program, for example say browser or the entire windows freezes on you. Trust me we all have been in that situation, and the problem actually is the limited RAM on your pc.


We have already discussed how to make a USB drive bootable for installation of any OS in this Post. Today I am  sharing  a trick by which you can increase your pc's speed. It's not actually increasing the RAM as RAM is hardware part which is fixed unless you upgrade your ram which is a bit costly. Here’s an alternate cheap trick.

We all have Pen drive’s and excluding some day's we don't even use it often. This trick increases your Pc's speed by a technology called ReadyBoost which uses spare space in your Pen drive to store some cache data. What it basically does is, instead of storing all data in hard disk and retrieving it in RAM, it stores frequently used data in your pen drive for fast access through RAM.

Let me show you step by step how it's done

  • Open your file system and choose your pen drive. In my case I have named my pen drive as predator.


  • Right click on your pen drive and a menu will pop up. Navigate to last option named properties.



  • Now navigate to ReadyBoost tab, by default the 'Do not use this device’ would be selected. Select the second or third option and set the maximum size you would like to dedicate to ReadyBoost, In my case my pen drive is 16gb and windows is only allowing me to use 4gb as ReadyBoost cache.


  • Let me show you a cool trick to change this maximum ReadyBoost size to the size of Maximum size of your pen  drive. Again get back and right-click your pen drive and this time select the Format option.


  • Change the file system from FAT32 (which is the default in case of flash drive's) to NTFS (New Technology File System) which is format used by hard drives.


  • Now click format and let the process complete (make sure you first turn off the ReadyBoost setting's you configured earlier).


  • Now follow step 2 to 4. This time you will have the permission to allocate the maximum size for ReadyBoost cache as your pen drive is labeled in my case approximate 16 GB.



I'm not saying that you will get huge performance gain but you will surely notice some speed improvements which will prevent those occasional lag's. What more tricks do you have? Let me know in comments below.