How to Use the Game Center Features in iOS 10

One of the most common uses of smartphones and tablets today are video games. In the respective app stores, we can find games of all kinds according to our tastes. In addition, thanks to Internet connections and social networks it is possible to compare our scores with those of our friends while we, little by little, unlocking achievements as we reach different goals throughout the game.


IOS, the Apple operating system, allows users of your system to access a complete gaming platform where users can view all their scores, their achievements and interact with their friends. This platform, called Game Center, has been present in the operating system until iOS 10 when, suddenly, the operating system icon has suddenly disappeared.

In fact, Game Center in iOS 10 has not stopped working, but the only thing that has disappeared has been the interface through which we could see all our achievements, our scores and access to user profiles, what happens Is that Apple wanted to simplify the whole social game and has updated its API so that users can consult the achievements and scores individually from within each game, but without a centralized platform as was Game Center so far.

How Game Center works on iOS 10

All users who have upgraded to the new Apple operating system will be able to continue to make use of Game Center in iOS 10 in several different ways.

The first one is that, although in SpringBoard we will not find a Game Center icon, we can continue to access the configuration options from Settings.

gamecenter-geekgyaanAs we can see, from here, we can see our Apple ID, choose if we want players to invite us to the games and the username that we show in our profile. In addition, we can remove all our friends from Game Center (since this feature is not going to be used any more from now) and activate some options that, if we are not developers, will not serve us anything.

As for what was the application of the platform that is what is left. It is clear that Apple wants to let go of its "small social gaming network" and focus on offering achievements and classifications and leave social functions to giants like Facebook that, in addition, allow the game with other systems like Android.

How to view trophies and rankings for a game on iOS 10

As we have said, we no longer have a centralized application to consult all our games, but now what we must do is consult the achievements individually from within each game.

To do this, we just have to open the game that we want to see and look for in it a cup-shaped icon or trophy. Automatically we will open a window like the following one where we will see all our achievements.

In addition, from the tabs, we can change to the classifications and the challenges (in case our game has challenges).

Within the rankings, we can see the different tables that each game has and see our score in comparison to other users and players.

As we can see a strange movement that many will miss for some time but that seeks to facilitate both the implementation of the API in new games social functions, which will now always be through a social network like Facebook, at least in games To implement it, in order to promote multi platform play.