How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices

Do you want to root Huawei Honor 8 or other Huawei device ? Before that it must be unlocked. Here I will show you How to unlock Bootloader of Huawei devices. Unlocking bootloader is essential as It allows users to install Custom recoveries like TWRP and gain root access. Which helps to flash rooms, backup current system and do lots of additional stuff which is not supported by stock recovery which comes pre-installed with device.

Unlock Bootloader of Huawei devices

Unlocking Bootloader of Huawei device is very simple all you need a PC, Data cable, working internet connection and this step by step guide. Follow the below steps to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei Devices. But read the below note carefully before you unlock bootloader of Huawei devices.


  • Unlocking Bootloader will void your phones warranty. You won’t be able to claim it back.
  • Please follow the steps carefully or you will end up having a bricked phone.
  • We are not responsible for any damage to your phone. Please procced at your own risk.
  • This process will erase all data on your smartphone including personal settings, Contacts and sms. Please make a backup of your device before proceeding.
  • Make sure you have 70% charge or more.

Files needed to unlock bootloader:

  • Minimal ADB tool – [button color="" size="" type="" target="blank" link=""] Download here[/button]

How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei device

  1. First enable the USB debugging option on your device.
  • To enable USB debugging option we first need to make the developer options active for that go to your Settings -> About Phone -> now tap the build number 7-8 times until you see a message ‘you are now a developer’.
  • Now as we have enabled developer options, go back to Settings-> developer options -> and now enable USB debugging also enable OEM unlock.

Developers Option

  1. Then install the ADB fastboot driver and restart pc. If you already have drivers installed then skip this step.

3. Now note your imei no by dialing *#06# also make note of the Product Id by dialing  *#*#1357946#*#*

4. Create a Huawei account on this page.

5. Fill out the details and obtain the Unlock code from this page.

6. You need to click download and then select Unlock Bootloader to navigate to Official bootloader unlocking page.


7.After filling the right info you will get the unlock code which you need to save for later use.


8. Now go to folder where you installed the adb and by holding the Shift Key, right-click on any blank space and select Open command window here.

ADB Folder

9. Now connect the your Huawei device to Pc/Laptop using USB.

10. Now we need to reboot phone into fastboot mode by typing the following command.

adb reboot bootloader

11. Your device will reboot into fastboot mode. If it doesn’t, check if your USB cable is connected properly and you have drivers installed properly. You can check a list of connected device by typing the following command.

fastboot devices

fastboot device

12.Once device boots into fastboot mode type the following command to unlock bootloader.

fastboot oem unlock UNLOCK CODE

(Replace the UNLOCK CODE with the code you got from Huawei page in step 6.)

This command will unlock your device bootloader and erase all data on it.

13. Once bootloader is unlocked, type this command to reboot.

fastboot reboot

This was complete guide on How to Unlock Bootloader of Huawei devices. If any questions, you can ask in comments below.