Turn off Google Now Notifications on Android

Applications often use notifications to display all sorts of information, from events in which your intervention is required, such as a WhatsApp message or an email, to information that may or may not be useful to the user. One of the applications that most informative notifications usually send to users, and that many times are not even interesting, is Google Now.

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Google Now is the official Google assistant that, by default, is installed on most Android smartphones. This smart assistant is able to show us all kinds of relevant information just when we need it. Information such as time, sports, stock quotes, personal news, events nearby ... Google Now shows us at the exact moment this information in notification mode, however, often, these notifications can even be annoying, so Which, on occasions, we usually prefer to disable them so that they do not bother us anymore.

While many of the Google Now notifications do tend to appear only when we need them, some, especially the weather forecast notification , is all the time appearing on our phone in "notification" mode , which is often quite annoying That no one will have the need to see at all times the temperature that it does in the street.

Although we can always silence these notifications on our Android to keep them from appearing, this is not the best way to do it and is that Google Now, like many Android applications, have a specific function that allows us to disable notifications from within Of the application itself. In the following link, we explain how we can disable these notifications on any Android smartphone.

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In addition to disabling the notifications of time, Google allows us to completely disable all notifications of your personal assistant so that at no time bother us. This is very useful if, for example, we never use it, we have no intention of doing so. If we are interested in some of the information that Google Now offers us on Android, we can also activate and deactivate custom functions, leaving the wizard to only control certain type of information and leaving the rest disabled.

Google Now is much more than a simple application that shows notifications, is that if we give it a chance and we spend some time to configure our tastes and what we want and do not want to see, it can become a very useful tool for the day a day.

Do you usually have Google Now notifications turned on or off?