Top 5 Ways to increase Instagram Followers

The Facebook-owned photo and video sharing social networking platform have more than 500 million active users per day. Today, more than 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram and there are more than 4.2 billion likes per day. All the Instagram users know how much is the importance of followers and more are they it means more you are popular. There are many ways to increase Instagram followers, some are slow and some are fast and some gain you fake followers whereas some gain, you real followers. In this blog, we will discuss only fast and free ways to get free ig followers, real followers. If you currently have very fewer followers then get ready for hopping to a lot of followers instantly. So let’s read how to get real Instagram followers instantly for free?

increase Instagram followers

#1 Make a complete profile

No one likes to see an incomplete profile. It should depict a good personality. Why would someone click that “Follow” button on your profile? Think about it and act accordingly. Write an interesting bio, post some engaging stories and posts. Look at some other good profiles and try to adapt their styles, remember I said get to learn something from them don’t simply copy. A tip for you, try to keep the username short which can be easily spelled and remembered. If you want to get free followers this trick work most.

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#2 Be Interesting

This point is fully related to posts. Followers come to see your posts and it is the thing which will attract them towards your profile so keep them elegant, engrossing and compulsive. Don’t post your expensive bill orders and dull photos like “Hey, look at my lunch!”, “My delicious dinner” or “Checkout my new camera”. No one loves to see them, it looks very dull and will not attract followers to your account. To increase Instagram followers keep your posts interesting and you will surely reach your dream followers mark soon. Post fun, fresh and captivating images it will help you to gain more followers on instagram.

#3 Put Hashtags

Only making a complete profile and posting interesting stuffs is not sufficient for increasing Instagram followers. For gaining followers instantly you will have to implement some technical tricks. One of the ways to do it is to put Hashtags in the description whenever you post. Remember hashtags should be related to the theme or image, don’t just put anything irrespective to the fact that it is relative or not to the photo and profile theme. Proper hashtags is must to get followers on instagram.

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#4 Stick to a Specific theme and Be consistent

The first step, choose the main topic for posting and get stick to it. Don’t go out of your theme. For getting huge success on your Instagram profile work on the theme on which you give great interest or on which you have a passion. If you do in this way, I guarantee you that you will never get bored because you are working on the field of your interest and how can a person get bored in doing a work in which he or she has a keen interest. Being consistent is also important to increase Instagram followers. Post daily or if can’t, post according to a planned schedule. If you post consistently then it would reflect a positive value towards your followers. Posting consistently doesn’t means flooding your timeline. One or two posts everyday can earn a lot of benefits. Being consistent will not only gain followers but will also help to gain likes and comments.

#5 Sharing is the key

Get people to know that you have posted something. If you have accounts on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc then use them for sharing your Instagram post. It will drag more people towards your Instagram account. This is an effective way to increase Instagram followers.

Above tricks are best way to get instagram followers and  better than buy real active Instagram followers as these followers will be genuine followers.