Take professional photos with your iPhone

IOS has come to the market with several new features such as the possibility of integrating third-party software. This has allowed us to create very interesting applications like the one we offer today, Manual , an application that lets you take full advantage of the iPhone thanks to manual adjustments of shutter speed, exposure time and more.

One of the strengths of manual photography is the ability we have to control virtually every aspect of the camera, something that is not normally present on mobile devices with the original software. Thanks to iOS, it has been possible to create interesting applications that replace the original ones, such as the keyboard, but there are also others like Manual , a camera type application that gives us full control of the camera features of the iPhone, and of course , Of all devices compatible with iOS 8 and above.

As you will see in the images, the interface is really simple to use , but there is no lack of customization options. We will have all kinds of adjustments in manual mode , from shutter speed or exposure time to focus or white balance . In this way, we will be able to make totally professional photographs and just as we wish, as if it were a DSLR camera or a DSLR camera. In addition, if you think little, we also have the possibility to obtain the histogram of the photographs made, apply a grid to find the perfect angle and much more.

If you are interested Manual, you can download it from this link of iTunes for a price of 1.79 euros . Of course, this is one of the best options we can find for our devices with iOS 8 and thus squeeze to the maximum its potential.

Taking advantage of the great quality of the iPhone camera has never been so easy, which will allow us to show our friends and family that the terminal achieves images as good as those we saw.