Summer, High Temperatures and Smartphone: How to Keep Your Device's Temperature Low

Summer is approaching or better in some areas has already arrived. The sun is shining, the mercury strikes red and together with the temperature of our smartphones, these small appliances that we can never separate them, not even on the beach. Warm weather and summer months do not offer or create a friendly environment for electronic devices, especially smartphones, which not only affects our electronic circuitry but also overall health.

sea-iphone-heatHow to Keep Your Devices Temperature Low

1. Never leave your smartphone in the car

There is a reason why in some countries it is illegal to leave a child or pet inside a car and especially at the back when the mercury climbs. Even if the window is barely lowered, the car's metals dramatically increase their temperature and all this heat raises the temperature of the cabin. And that's exactly why you should not leave a smartphone in your vehicle. In any case, the best way is to predict what you place.


For example, if you travel long distances, you can buy a stand to place your smartphone near the car's air ducts. However, the safest point is the trunk.

2. Turn off what you do not use

We refer to Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS, and if you do not need it, it's best to turn them off completely. I have a Bluetooth device, data and GPS inside a vehicle, heated, and once had a message that warned of the high battery temperature.

3. Remove your device from the cases


Another good practice is to remove the pouch you use, as it is still an element that helps to increase its temperature. This, of course, implies that it can inadvertently hit us and scratch. You are the one who will find the middle solution, case removal, and careful use. Does it also depend on your priorities: Increased temperature or careful use?

4. No, the refrigerator is not a solution

Do not be laughable, there are people who do it, the first and best of the Androidcentral guide's columnist. When your device is warm enough, it is best to leave it without using it in a cooler, shaded place. However, if you choose to lower the temperature of your smartphone very quickly, it can damage internal circuits. And this, because the violent drop in temperature can lead to the creation of moisture inside it, with what it may involve.