SpyDealer an Whatsapp Malware which seeks to steal our data

Malware and viruses of all kinds, especially Trojans, are very present for our misfortune in mobile operating systems, and the most important of them, Android, is not exempt from these attacks. Now we know a new malware in WhatsApp that steals data, not only from this apps, but up to 40.

As we say malware is the order of the day on mobile devices, and Android is by no means an exception. In fact only a week ago we knew that countless Google Play applications had been discovered with malware.

Malware in WhatsApp and other apps

Going to the point, a group of experts from Palo Alto Networks has been able to find a new trojan that caters with more than 40 applications present in the Play Store. The goal of this Trojan malware is to be able to get the data of the users of these mobile phones. This malware is called SpyDealer , and although it only affects these 40 applications, it happens, or not, that these are the most popular that can be found in the Google App Store.

This WhatsApp SpyDealer malware counts among its goals with applications such as  Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, as well as Firefox or the QQ mail app. Evidentente although not many applications, the users of these sum billions worldwide, reason why the malware can be done with data of many people. This new malware can steal our data as it is able to get the administrator permissions through the accessibility service of Android, which takes advantage of this software.

However, it should not panic, because SpyDealer can only commit its misdeeds in devices that have Android versions between 2.2 and 4.4 , which although it seems a lie are present in 25% of all mobile phones worldwide. Now, what is worrying is knowing the information that can steal this malware, once the hackers control the mobile thanks to UDP, TCP and SMS.

Among this stolen information is the mobile IMEI, SMS and MMS messages, as well as contacts, accounts.

The History of the calls that we have made and even data of the Wi-Fi network to which we do not usually connect. But hackers with this malware can even record audio or video from any call , take pictures, take screenshots or collect the location of the device.

Make sure you Be safe and secure your whatsapp so that the malware wont be an concern