Soon You Will Be Able to Surf Internet From Whatsapp

WhatsApp takes months of continual changes and improvements: undoing sent messages, albums and filters for photos or setting favorite chats, for example.Now, the messaging application is preparing to include an internal browser in WhatsApp as they already include Twitter or Telegram, for example. Soon we can surf the Internet from WhatsApp.

So far, when you receive a link in a WhatsApp conversation and click on it, your phone sends you through the browser you have installed. This will soon cease to be so because WhatsApp will incorporate its own internal browser. We can open any link without leaving the messaging application.

Not only will it be an internal browser inside the application's own WhatsApp, but that browser is being made through Chrome Custom Tabs. This means that we will not only open links from within WhatsApp but we will be able to access all of our Chrome information such as passwords or the forms or bookmarks we have saved.

From Androidworld show what this new browser would be that is not yet available. At the moment, only some users of the beta of the application (not all) can see this option but will end up reaching all users and including this function as they already have Telegram or Twitter, for example, that allow us to join the links without Need another app.

The feature is coupled with the myriad of changes WhatsApp has accumulated over the past few months. Some especially interesting and expected such as the possibility of canceling a message sent, as long as it is done within five minutes of sending it and as long as both users have the latest version of the app.

Other changes have not been as applauded as the removal of the original state phrase , which was finally re-implemented. WhatsApp will also include photo filters and a small photo editor for images sent through the application in the coming weeks.

There are many changes that have come in the last few weeks to the application and the internal browser would become one of the most useful. Perp or the moment we can not surf the Internet from WhatsApp on all phones, but will not be long in arriving. The impatient can download the beta of the application and be able to have this function before it is official globally.