Shield your WhatsApp with these three security applications

WhatsApp is usually news every little time for some question concerning its security or, rather, the lack of it even after using encryption. But do not believe for a moment that those doubts have cowed the millions of users that we use daily around the world, that we follow whatsappeando as if the danger did not exist.

If you are one of those who has problems every time you write a message through this application, and you want to shield everything you say, you speak or photographs of 'cybernetic', the best thing you can do is install some of the applications that, Below, we describe you. Undoubtedly, the joint use of all three will ensure that the entire content of your WhatsApp is safe and secure.

  1. WCleaner for WhatsApp

WCleaner is a tool that cleans WhatsApp of all files that over time are accumulating in our terminal and occupy a good portion of memory. With this application we can select what we want to leave or export to save it in our library of photos, videos, etc. With WCleaner it is very easy to make backup copies of all this material that as the timeline gets very large they will be eating resources to the system and slowing down the WhatsApp application itself.

2. WhatsApp Lock Free

Every time we enter or leave WhatsApp there is no way to prevent someone who picks up our cell phone to gossip what we write or, worse yet, we supplant and start writing to our contacts pretending to be us. Thanks to WhatsApp Lock Free we can add a locking PIN code (or a pattern) to access the application. This way you will not be in danger of being gossiped if you do not have your phone with a PIN or an active locking pattern.

3. WhatsBack Free: WhatsApp Backup

Imagine losing your phone, stealing it or simply changing it for a better one and want to recover your timeline of conversations until the moment of the change,WhatsBack Free: WhatsApp Backup has the virtue of saving them all automatically or manually in Cloud. Specifically in Google Drive and later lets you restore it.