How to see Instagram stories without showing name in view list?

Hello lovely Instagram users, want to secretly watch Instagram stories without letting them (Your crush maybe) know? The photo and video sharing social media platform founded in October 2010 are now owned by Facebook. It was sold to Facebook for 1 billion dollars in the year 2012. Currently, including you, there are more than 1000 million Instagram users (data as per the Statista report ).

Watch Insta Story Secretly

The Instagram story is a feature by which a user can share his or her text or image status for the duration of 24 hours. It is a way to share something with your followers for short durations. You can watch the story uploaded by someone only if you follow them. When you see the story your name gets registered in the story view list and the person who uploaded it can easily see all the names that have seen the story. But what if we can watch an Instagram story without them knowing? If you don’t like to show your name in the view list, then read this tutorial on how to see Instagram stories without showing name in view list?

Trick to see Instagram stories without showing name in view list

Before we start many users ask me if we can you look at instagram without an account. The answer is no you need a instagram account to watch someone's profile.

This is a very creepy trick to view instagram stories privately. For this you will have to watch someone else Instagram story but by  creeping into that Instagram story which you want to watch but don’t want to add your name in the view list ie.view instagram stories without them knowing. To understand perfectly watch the picture below.

Geek Gyaan Insta story

Scenario: Suppose you want to view the story of bhuvan.bam2 without letting him know. For doing so, I will use the story of gururandhawa. I will open it then I will pause the story by pressing it.

Step 1: We know that in Instagram we can watch other stories by swiping left or right. The story of bhuvan.bam2 is after the story of gururandhawa (i.e any story before your target user's story) which we are seeing now. I will slightly swipe towards the story of bhuvan.bam2 then it comes something like this (see the image below).

Secretly watching Instagram Stories

Step 2: Don’t swipe completely! Just do a little swipe by holding it and then peep into the story and after that come back by swiping against then press back. You will observe that the story of bhuvan.bam2 remains unseen but using this trick we successfully viewed it without letting him know.

You can use this method to view Instagram stories privately of your friends, crush, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or anyone. Just remember to keep a hold on your finger, don’t do it in a hurry. First of all, try doing a demo of several other stories. But wait it's not over. Here is a different way to watch Instagram stories without them knowing.


Alternate Way to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

Here is also an alternative way to see instagram stories secretly via using some websites.

For example:

Step 1: Go to this website and then put the username of the Instagram account whose you want to see Instagram stories without showing name in view list.

Step 2: Click on search icon and then you can see all his or her uploaded stories. You can even download the stories.

This is most used trick to view instagram stories anonymously, infact this website is widely used.

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There are more websites which give you the opportunity to see Instagram stories without showing name in view list like, it’s also an example of very good website for anonymously peeping at someone’s Instagram stories.

I Hope you were successful in watching his/her Instagram Stories secretly ;). Let me know in comments below.