Samsung Galaxy S10 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor

The Samsung's one of the best Android flagship phone series the "Samsung Galaxy S series" has always astonished us with their one by one new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has not been launched till but we have got many rumors and leaks about its specs. The phone rumors and leaks show that the phone will be a blockbuster at the time of release. The small brother of Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S9 has already amazed the market with its superb features. Not only S9, almost all the S-series and Note series smartphones have left the world amazed.

Samsung Galaxy S10
The new member of this superstar family, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been rumored to include an inbuilt in-display fingerprint scanner. Vivo X21 was the first Android device to implement this concept then Vivo NEX featured this on their display and now the feature will soon be seen in Samsung Galaxy S10. The phone is claimed to be launched in three variants out of which two will include ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor and one will feature the ordinary rear mounted fingerprint sensor. The model which will contain a physical fingerprint sensor will have a 5.8 inch screen while the other two will have 6.1 inch and 6.4 inch screen.

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Reports have told that Samsung has shipped 40 million units of their new flagship smartphone and also shook hands with Chinese technology firms for the outsource of in-display sensors. This is the beginning for Samsung to implement in-display sensors in their devices. Some reports also say that Samsung is going to add the in-display fingerprint sensor feature in their top models of A series and Note Series. But for now it can be the turn of Samsung Galaxy S10 to become the first Samsung smartphone to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. The Samsung S series and Note series are already equipped with a variety of sensors like the most important "Heart beat sensor" present on the rear side of the phones.

Its not clear that when they are going to launch the Samsung Galaxy S10, some say that it would be launched at MWC and some have told that the launch would be shifted to CES event, Las Vegas because in between the Samsung will launch their most awaited Folding smartphone. Now, it would be interesting to see when the company decides to launch it.

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What other things you might see in Samsung Galaxy S10?

The phone makers are trying to make the Samsung Galaxy S10 a pure beast. They have planned to aggressively show off their embedded fingerprint sensor in the display. Apple, on the other hand, claims that they were going for implementing this feature on their iPhone X but instead chose Face ID feature. Other than the futuristic fingerprint sensor, the phone is said to be launched with 5G connectivity. But it can be taken down if 5G becomes unavailable in most of their market companies. Talking about the camera, Samsung is going to take on all the smartphone selling companies. Dual camera setup has become now very common, Huawei showed off a new thing which was triple camera setup in their P20 model. Samsung Galaxy S10 is coming up with five cameras. That's right, three at the back and two at the front. It is also rumored that the screen to body ratio will also be improved and the phone will be made more bezel-less.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S10

Nothing is confirmed before the launch but the claims say that the price will start from 700 USD and will extend to 900 USD on the basis of increasing storage size. There will be three variants of three different screen size, 5.8 inch, 6.1 inch and 6.4 inch. The 5.8 inch will be a mid-range phone and other will be high-end prices.