Reliance Jio comes with a new era | Telecom war gets completely interesting

Reliance AGM (Annual General Meeting), Mukesh Ambani finally broke the silence on the Data tariffs for Reliance Jio. The company will not be charging for voice calls at all, and it will charge the least of what its competitors are charging for 4G data.


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Mukesh Ambani said -

"Jio will charge only 5 paise per MB or Rs.50 per GB

 And for the customers who uses more than 75GB, the price will slide further to Rs.25 per GB which take India from “Gandhigiri to data-giri.” 

"Pay for only one service - either voice or data, not both," he further added. He also announced that Jio services will become available from Monday, September 5, absolutely free as part of the 'Jio’s welcome offer', so everyone can try Jio's services at no charge till December 31 2016.

Relaince JIo

Two-thirds of India's 1.3 billion population are not online and Jio hopes to capture 100 million users - nearly half of India's current smartphone users - within a year of launch. He also mentions, Reliance Jio is not only 4G supported but they also have 5G and 6G ready.

 4G and its upcoming WIFI hotspots offers

Jio’s monthly (4 weeks) 4G tariffs starts from Rs.149 for 28 days for 300MB.

For Rs.499 per month you get a whopping 4GB of 4G data, plus unlimited 4G at night, for 28 days.

You'll also get 8GB of access from Reliance Jio's upcoming network of Wi-Fi hotspots, further increasing the amount of the data you can use. Rs.999, that goes up to 10GB of 4G data and 20GB of Wi-Fi usage, plus unlimited usage at night.

Further plans are for Rs.1,499 for 20GB, Rs.2,499 for 35GB and Rs.3,999 for 60GB of 4G data, and twice as much Wi-Fi usage respectively.

The most expensive plan is for Rs.4,999 for 75GB of 4G usage plus unlimited 4G usage at night, and 150GB of Wi-Fi data. (Remember these are all pre-paid tariffs, Jio has not revealed its post-paid plans)


While going according to these plans, you might have noticed the rates are slightly different from the Rs.50 for 1GB concept, that was announced. Actually it’s not that different, you’ll get 300MB of data for Rs.149 or around Rs.450 per GB. However, with other offers along with it, like the Wi-Fi hotspot data as well, it’s a little more cheaper than the rate that was announced - for example, the Rs.499 pack gives you a total of 12GB including Wi-Fi, which pops up to approximately Rs.42 per GB. The bigger packs do get cheaper this way, so for example, the most expensive Rs.4,999 pack gives you 225GB of data including Wi-Fi, which works out to approximately Rs.23 per GB and besides that you’ll also get unlimited 4G data at night.

Their other offers are :

There will also be no roaming charges, across India, to any network, it was announced. "Put an end to all voice call charges for all voice calls that are domestic." This applies to calls to other networks as well, not just calls within the jio network. Students will get 25% extra data on the tariffs, if they show a valid ID when signing up for Jio.

Jio’s paid apps, worth Rs.15,000 for an annual subscription, will be available free for all active Jio customers till December 31, 2017. For more info and quires visit Jio Official Page.

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