This is the release date of Android O and more rumors about its name

There is nothing we saw all the new iOS 11 , seeing that Apple is aware of what Google will do this year. Today we can have news about the new version of Android to compete with iOS, seeing the launch date of Android 8.0, with the possibility of it being called Android Oreo.

Android O will be an update that will have more internal than external changes. That is, we will not see a great revolution in aesthetic change as we saw in Android 5.0 , but it will look more like Android 6 or Android 7 in which we saw few visual changes of the interface with new features, better energy management and a higher performance.

Although we know little of Android 8.0 , we know that it will have functions like the possible floating window that we are already seeing natively in some apps , changes in the notifications panel and so on. And today, we can know when it will officially go to the market, although it is probably first for the Pixel.

Android 8.0 will be released in the summer

We have already been able to see Google's plans to launch its next previews of the new version of Android , as well as its final release. We can see that at the moment, Google is meeting their deadlines by removing the versions of Android O. According to this calendar, the Devoper Preview 4 would come out this month, throughout the month of July, which means that any day we have the last Android beta . This version will be the closest we see to Android O, being an already stable version of Google that can be used on a day to day basis.

The best thing about this calendar is that the final version is not far from this last Preview, since we would see Android 8.0 in the third quarter of the year, which means it will be between the months of July and September. Last year, Android 7 had the same dates and it ended up coming out in mid-August, so we think Android 8 will arrive before the end of the summer.

It has also become stronger rumor that will be called Android Oreo , but as always, remain only assumptions. Last year no one bet on finding us with Android 7.0 Nougat, and this year can happen exactly the same. The first mobile phones that will have this version will be the Google Pixel and the Nexus, although the latter will arrive a little later. The first mobile that will surely hit the market with this version will be the Google Pixel 2, or maybe some LG terminal as we also saw last year.