Significant Blow To Samsung- Qualcomm to collaborate with TSMC to manufacture 7nm chips

Qualcomm decided to change the current partner in the production of processors on the other. For now it works with Samsung, but this will change. The processor will produce a new generation of TSMC. Samsung is the bad news - it's the second loss of a major customer for another contractor. Samsung recently resigned from the services of Apple, which produce A11 chip for the next iPhone also commissioned TSMC .

Qualcomm uses the latest technologies to manufacture its mobile platforms. Last year Snapdragony 820 and 821 were built by Samsung solutions provided by enabling an lithographic process to 14 nm. This year's flagship Qualcomm is also produced by ideas about the model Samsung 10 nm. But the future belongs to TSMC's technology because the company will use Qualcomm's next top when constructing systems.


The Taiwanese company specializing in the production of integrated circuits cleverly missed a 10-nanometer production process and immediately began to develop technologies 7 nm. In addition, this year we have seen how much interest among the producers Snapdragon 835 resulted in the calendar of the premier smartphones this year: part flagship appeared later, and a few representatives of the industry even decided to not wait for better accessibility fastest system and presented the flagship of last year's leader processors - as was the case with LG and its G6 . TSMC seems to provide better liquidity supply systems.

In addition, ARM, which licenses Qualcomm, working closely with TSMC to offer new partners faster access to 7nm technology. In addition, the Taiwanese offer a "package" DynamIQ technology for a new generation of processors. All this makes TSMC is now a more attractive choice.

It can be lean years for Samsung

A blow to Samsung, as the recent semiconductor industry was a stabilizing factor for the company fluctuations in the financial department of the mobile balances and losses in other sectors of the technological giant. According to market data, department of chip production reached 4.44 billion dollars in profit, 40% of which concern earned through a partnership with Qualcomm. Combining this fact with the loss of a client such as Apple, it is almost certain that the integrated circuits division will be significantly weakened, and the financial results will fall quite rapidly.

There is nothing to report, however, the imminent collapse of Samsung. What it is not - the company is doing well, making necessary changes. Business semiconductor company has grown incredibly quickly year on year recorded an increase in sales of memory and processors by 23% and 77%. In addition, Samsung already thinking seriously about 4-nanometer process technology as well as improving the existing production technologies 28 nm and 10 nm. Perhaps the giant able to compensate for the loss of the main partners, taking additional orders for the mid-range processors. Maybe it will wait to Samsung, will be able to strike up the systems produced in 4 nm.

By this time, Qualcomm will work with TSMC 7nm lithography, which will provide a new Snapdragon, we will see probably somewhere at the beginning of 2019 years. While the article with TSMC.