Prisma To Come in Offline Mode soon to Android as well

The sensational photo filter app Prisma, which has stepped up from nothing to an incredible 55 million+ downloads for both mobile OS platforms, IOS and Android in just two months by this summer. Prisma now which comes in an offline mode for Apple IOS hopefully to come in Android as well soon. This gives you the complete access to snap photos and filter them to look like an Edward Munch’s painting in seconds without connecting to its severs.


Prisma, the app that’s currently popular across social media which turns your favourite photos into famous Lichtenstein- or Van Gogh-esque artworks. This app actually used to send your cat photo to its servers where a semantic or neural network does the complex transformation of it. But now, that no longer be necessary. Because (I Quote) "We have managed to implement neural networks to smartphones, which means users will no longer need an internet connection to turn their photos into art pieces", the CEO and the co-founder of Prisma, Alexey Moiseenkov says. Only half of Prisma's filters will be available at first as offline which means 16 of the filters, but others too will be added in the forthcoming updates.

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For those who still didn’t understand what’s “Neural Networks” ?

Well in simple words ‘Neural Networks’ are the servers used by Prisma app through which it enables the system to extract the structure of what makes a particular artist’s work observable and then applies this information to re-create it to your own uploaded photos.

Advantage of offline and Prisma’s further plans

This new mode also removes the requirement to be online when processing a photo and cuts down on data usage as well as mentioned above by the CEO. Which means It also easy for those are concerned about the privacy or those who aren’t keen on uploading their personal photos to a third-party app. Also far as the servers are bothered which are no-longer needed to process photos anymore, the Prisma team don’t want their servers to sit inactive either. They want the their servers to work on Prisma’s to a next level – Video. Now once they implement neural network’s right to the smartphones, they have enough servers capacity to work on to run full videos on them.

Prisma Android

55 million already installed Prisma and around 4 million uses it daily, according to the company. It’s as much as Snapchat has done, they also plans to provide the app with more new filters, while keeping it free for all users as well. The offline processing speed depends completely on your smartphone’s processor which probably gonna be way faster than doing online.


Well, as of now Prisma is doing a great job. The offline mode gonna be helpful as the one who uses it knows, sometimes how lengthy it takes to complete the process via online either due to poor internet connectivity or connections failed due to server full. Also the company promises to keep it free for everyone unlike many apps who makes in-app purchases once they gets popular. So that’s all for now, hope you liked the article. Do check our other posts as well. Stay connected with us for more via social media or subscribe with Email address to get all latest posts via Email, from below. Thanks for reading, cheers guys ✌.