How to Prevent Your iPhone or iPad From Updating When You Have Jailbreak

Unlike what happens with Android, for which it is very easy to get root permissions, with iOS, the Apple operating system for mobile devices, the opposite happens. Although for a long time the Jailbreak has been a breeze, it was very easy to perform and very stable and continuous despite the company updates, since the arrival of iOS 9 and, especially, with iOS 10, this task has gone to Be quite complicated and be available for a single specific version, making if for some reason we have updated we are without the possibility of unlocking our device.

maxresdefault (9)Apple is also trying to make the majority of users of their devices have the latest version of the operating system always installed and even using techniques such as automatic installation while loading the device if we are careful to postpone such updates.

Currently, for example, it is possible to Jailbreak iOS 10.2, however, Apple is trying to update users to iOS 10.2.1, which includes a series of patches that again block the possibility of jailbreaking the device, at least, For some more time.

If we have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.2 and we've done the temporary Jailbreak from Yalu, then we'll explain how we can use a simple tweak for iOS that allows us to block iOS updates to avoid annoyances.

How to block iOS updates with jailbreak

As we said, to block iOS updates we have only to install a simple tweak from the alternative store Cydia. To do this, once the Jailbreak is done, we open that store and we will see its main window.

The plugin in question is called "Mikoto" and we can find it for free in the Pineapple repositories (

Once downloaded and installed the plugin (we have to restart SpringBoard to complete the installation) we can access it from the iOS settings menu. Open the menu and search the list of applications and configuration options "Mikoto", the plugin installed.


As we can see, this plugin allows us to customize many aspects of our iOS, but to us what interests us is to block the updates of the operating system to avoid dislikes. To do this, click on "Settings" and we will see a screen like the following one.


In it, we must make sure that the " Software Update Disabler " option is enabled. This will disable iOS updates. Anyway, we can check it by going directly to the " Settings> General " menu in iOS and seeing how the operating system updates section no longer appears anywhere.

In the case of wanting to update the operating system, we can always disable this option or, simpler and safer, connect it to iTunes and process the update from it.