How to play streaming videos or TV from VLC for iOS

VLC is one of the most popular applications for playing all kinds of videos in virtually any operating system. This free and open source application is characterized by including most of the existing codecs in a way that any video format can be reproduced with it. However, this player offers us many more possibilities than to behave as a simple player, and it allows us to access a large number of additional features and features, such as streaming content playback.

IOS is one of the most limited systems when it comes to playing multimedia content. Being such a closed operating system, to copy videos to an iPhone or iPad we rely on iTunes, which converts video to iOS format and copies it to internal memory, this being the best option if we have time and plenty of space available, but Not being, by far, something fast or viable if we have limited space.

VLC has a function that allows us to play streaming video from different sources, either from a media server (DLNA, UPnP, SMB, etc) within our local network or from outside the local network through a URL. Here's how to play streaming video in both ways.

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How to play videos from a local server with VLC for iOS

Once we have VLC already installed on iOS, we open it and we will see the main window of the program where we will have the videos that we have in our library (if we have one) or empty, if we do not have or have not configured it.

If we click on the cone that appears in the upper left of the screen we will be able to see the menu of this application from which we will be able to access its main functions.

In our case, the section that interests us is " Local Network ". Click on this section and VLC will search all the media servers that we have configured in the local network to show them as we teach in the next capture.

Now, all we have to do is click on the server to which we want to connect, enter the data (user and password) if you ask us and we will have access to all the shared media through the server. Clicking on the one we want will automatically comment on the playback.

How to play videos in streaming or watch TV online from VLC for iOS

While the "Local Network" feature allows you to play videos from within our local network (as its name suggests), in case you want to play other content streaming from an external server, from the menu we've seen before we select The option " Network dump ".

As we can see, this screen will ask us to enter an HTTP, RTSP, MMS, FTP or RTP address to start playing streaming content directly. In this way, if we have the video located, simply pasting your address directly here and we will be able to access without problems to this content in streaming.

In the case of online TV from VLC for iOS, the process is the same. All you have to do is paste the address of the channel into the URL box and automatically start playback.

In the following link we leave a repository with all the channels of the DTT to see the TV online from an iPhone or iPad with iOS.