Personal Data Protection Bill 2018: India's GDPR

Finally, the Indian Government is now concerned about the security of personal data of the peoples. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is now going to take actions upon the data protection of the country after receiving the draft bill from the Justice BN Srikrishna Committee. Now it’s the turn for our nation to strengthen the security related to Information Technology and protect the privacy of personal data with the help of Personal Data Protection Bill 2018. The 10-member committee formed a framework in July 2017 to ensure the data protection of people at any cost in this emerging digital world. Finally, the draft bill is submitted to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The government has said that the draft is currently under several checking and consultations. After getting full approval from the Parliament the Personal Data Protection laws will be enforced for IT companies and organizations.

Personal Data Protection Bill 2018

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 enforces fair and legal usage of users’ data. It is for creating an informational privacy throughout the country. Today, most of the IT giants settled in India misuse the user data and information and sell them to other companies this makes our data unsafe, so for inducing privacy of our information some set of rules are very important. Out of the most successful countries in the world, all have their own Personal Data Protection Laws. For example, European countries have GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is a regulation in Europe on data protection and privacy for all. This law was implemented on 25 May 2018 and it affected many popular websites. All such websites and applications which not followed GDPR rules were shut down in Europe. The rules in GDPR are very principled, upstanding and honorable. I recommend that these laws should be made available in all countries for the proper protection of individual data and information.

Personal Data Protection Bill 2018

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 says that “Right to Privacy is a fundamental right and attempts should be made for ensuring the privacy of personal data.” The bill also wrote that it is necessary to create a bond of trust between the person who gives his or her personal data and the body which processes it. Another important thing which the bill amends is that a person sharing his or her data with the body should have the right to restrict or prevent the usage of information. If a body fails to follow these rules and regulations then they will have to go through paying fine as a punishment.

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Other than the Personal Data Protection Bill 2018, every individual Internet user should know how to protect their sensitive and confidential data. Here are some of the security measures that we should remember and follow wisely.

  1. Don’t share information with untrusted sites: The reason why our most of data is leaked online or breached is that we share our information with the sites that are unofficial or malicious. So, it should be stopped. At first get all proper information about the organization with whom you’re sharing your information that whether the site is safe or not.
  2. Keep your User IDs and Passwords safe: Never share your user ids and passwords of social accounts, emails, etc with anyone else.
  3. Read Terms and Conditions before Signing: Most of the people have the habit of skipping the terms and conditions and signing in. It is just like cutting your leg with an axe. Read all the terms and conditions before giving your information. It will help you to know where and how your information will be used.
  4. Be safe from cracking attacks: This is the major cause for data breach and leak. You should be careful about cracking, hacking and data theft. Learn all security tips that can help you to protect your confidential data against the hacking attacks.