How To obtain Passwords Using Firefox

We all have a desire to know somebody’s password for spying purpose or generally simply out of curiosity. You will get many tools online claiming that they would do the job but by now you might have understood how fake those claims are. Today I am going to show you an easy hacking tricks by which you would be obtain Passwords using firefox.

We all have used or at least heard about the Firefox browser. After Chrome, Firefox is most used browser and many power users actually prefer Firefox over chrome. Now every browser has a feature to save login passwords. You may have noticed how your browser asks whether you want to remember password when you login or sign up. Similar to every browser Firefox too offer this feature and we will exploit this feature to get your victims login info.

Firefox stores all the saved password and username in 2 files namely key3.db and logins.json. Among these the key3.db store the encryption key and logins.json stores the usernames and passwords list. If you have access to victim’s pc you can copy these two files and then use them to retrieve his/hers passwords.

 Let me show you how it’s done

  1. First on your victim’s pc open Firefox browser and click on menu icon located on top right corner.


  1. After that select help and then select 'Troubleshooting Information' option from list of available options.

help            troubleshoot


  1. Now a new window will open, showing you detailed information about your Firefox installation. We need to locate the folder containing the key3.db and logins.json file, for that click on ‘Show Folder’ option in Profile Folder row in Application Basics table.

show folder


  1. Now a new window will pop up and you will be taken into Firefox’s Profile Folder. Now just type key3.db or you can press Ctrl+F to open find and type key3.db. You will get logins.json files in similar way.



  1. Just copy these two file. As said above key3.db is used to encrypt the stored passwords and logins.json stores the usernames and passwords list.
Now you have to do few steps to retrieve the passwords from this file.
  1. Just install Firefox browser on your pc, and follow step 1 to 3 to locate your Firefox’s Profile Folder.
  1. Once in that folder you need to replace the default key3.db and logins.json files which are already in that folder with the files you just copied from victims pc. Just copy-paste the victim's files into your folder.

Now your Firefox has a list of usernames and passwords from victim’s pc. That’s cool now time to actually see the list.

  1. Again click the menu option from top right corner and this time select ‘options’.


  1. Now Firefox's Preference window will get opened. Navigate to the Security tab from left session.



  1. Now under logins session click on Saved Logins.



  1. A window will pop up showing you list of saved sites and usernames. But wait, where’s the passwords list?



  1. Don’t worry just click on Show Passwords option and wolla! There will now be new password field in that window showing you all the passwords corresponding to all saved sites along with their usernames.


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