Nokia to use Xiaomi's Surge S1 processor on its phones

The next Nokia mobiles are the most expected of the market. Its return to the market of smartphones , and more importantly, to Android , makes it a brand to take into account. Today we can see that it will collaborate in next terminals with Xiaomi using its processor Surge S1 that launched for the average range.

To emphasize in the mid-range you not only need a good value for money, but you need to have the most powerful sections of the sector. This happened like when we started to include a fingerprint sensor in all the mobile phones of reduced price ranges, and surely in a few years we can see the functions of high-end mobile devices such as Samsung's iris scanner or LG's wide- angle , But there are still brands that focus on just making your terminal as powerful and fluid as possible, and this does not have to be a mistake.

Nokia this year has demonstrated with the Nokia 3.5 and 6 , at least in the mid-range, want to offer excellent performance, betting on powerful hardware and a layer of very fluid personalization to provide category performance. The collaboration that will make Nokia is with a fairly similar company, as it has the same strategy: Xiaomi is one of the companies that best user experience offers by its layer of customization and hardware , while in other sections like multimedia does not stand out so much.

The next Nokia mobiles would use a processor manufactured by Xiaomi, the Surge S1


New Xiaomi processor , a 28- nanometer that was meant for the mid-range. With this, Xiaomi was entering a market in which there are few manufacturers such as Huawei , Samsung or Apple , which manufacture a processor for their own mobile and can optimize it further in their own way. The first mobile to be launched with this processor was the Xiaomi Mi5c , and the next mobile to be launched with this processor, may not be a Chinese.

In the image above, thanks to XiaomiToday who has translated it, we can make it clear that Xiaomi and Nokia would have talked to use the processor of the Chinese firm in Nokia mobile phones , something that could serve to Xiaomi to continue developing its processor and while to try them and selling them, while Nokia could make their phones they had a lower manufacturing cost, but who really wins in this change Nokia Qualcomm Xiaomi?

The Surge S1 against the competition of Qualcomm and MediaTek

The Surge S1 that Nokia would use - or perhaps new versions of it - competes directly with the Helio P20 and Snapdragon 625, in which it ends up winning the processor of Xiaomi in cost of manufacture but is not so powerful as the one of Qualcomm . The next processor of Xiaomi will be manufactured in a technology of 16 nanometers, a processor that yes could surpass in everything to Snapdragon and the MediaTek .