New details of what Galaxy Note 8 will look like

New details of how the Galaxy Note 8 will have come to update what is known so far in the networks. Recent photos that have been leaked refer to a particular design of the Galaxy Note 8 that until now had not been filtered or suggested, but could be known next August officially. Here are Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Photos.

Some details can be seen in the alleged image released by the Weibo social network: the phone would come with some design improvements over the recently announced Galaxy S8 and S8 + , example is that there is nowhere the fingerprint reader that Had gone to the back in the last terminal of Samsung, so the theory that would incorporate an optical reader on the screen comes to life again.

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Thinner edges and smaller bezels

The new filtered details of the Galaxy Note 8 refer only to its back and screen segment, which makes it possible to deduce that the edges are much thinner and the front bezel would be much smaller than in the Galaxy S8, yet When they would still be the same elements: iris scanner, camera and speaker.

It seems that the screen of this terminal would not be much bigger than the Galaxy S8 +. Specifically suggest that this mobile would have a panel of 6.4 inches with the same ratio of 18: 9.5, plus a double rear camera of 12 megapixels.

Another data suggested is that the price in the market would not be too far away from the cost of a Galaxy S8 + and it seems that ultimately the processor will be a chip Snapdragon 835. It is said that internally improvements would also come and apparently With the new details of how the Galaxy Note 8 will be, it is pointed out that the first major update of Bixby will also come with many more features to discover.