Miui 9 Would Only Reach the Xiaomi Mi 6 ... For Now

Yesterday we were talking about a new MIUI 9 filtering that showed the lock screen of the Chinese brand's operating system . Today, just over a month after its official release, it seems that we have to talk about bad news for most Xiaomi users, as the expected update of MIUI would only reach the Xiaomi Mi 6 , at least for now.

Xiaomi will present in just over 4 weeks the expected version of the company's operating system. This was ensured by the product director of the operating system and so showed a capture of the company itself where it was announced that its date of  arrival will be on August 16,  that is, in just over a month.

However, until now we did not know what the devices would be compatible with MIUI 9 ... until now. And indeed the news is surprising because the news coming from China indicate that the first update batch will only be seen in the Xiaomi Mi6 , although there are already on the market terminals that have subsequently been launched to the flagship of Xiaomi, Like the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 .

The reason logically we would find it in the power of the terminal, because although there are terminals of Xiaomi that have been marketed after the Xiaomi Mi 6 , really this device is the one that best specifications presents to run MIUI 9 without any problem, with the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 to the head.

MIUI 9 in Xiaomi devices

However, that MIUI 9 only reaches the Xiaomi Mi 6 at first does not mean that the software update will not arrive later to the other models that will support it. Recall that a few days ago the Chinese manufacturer published a list with all the Xiaomi mobiles that will be updated to Android 7.0 and Android 7.1 , but this does not mean that all these devices will also receive their corresponding ration of MIUI 9 .

For now we are waiting for Xiaomi to publish an official list of smartphones that will be updated with MIUI 9 , an operating system with major differences in interface level with respect to MIUI 8 and that would also lead to the Rapid response from the notifications themselves as well as improvements in energy management and improved memory optimization RAM.

As soon as we have more news about the compatibility of smartphones with the latest version of the operating system you will be the first to know.