How to Mirror Phone Notifications on Desktop || Pushbullet App ||

While we work on our personal computers and laptops we might sometimes miss the very important SMS, emails or calls because we are far away or in no contact with our smartphones. Every time peeking into the phone for checking the notifications is not a solution, it consumes lot of time and diversion of mind from the main work. This problem can be sorted out in a very simple way using a very helpful application. From now, you will not miss any notification from your phone while you will work on the computer. Let’s know how we can easily mirror phone notifications on desktop.

Phone Notifications on Desktop

Install Pushbullet App On Mobile And Extension On Computer.

To do it so, at first you will have to install an application “Pushbullet” on your mobile phone. Android users can download it from Google Playstore and Apple iOS users can get it from App Store. If both ways don’t work then search on Google “Download Pushbullet for Android” or “Download Pushbullet for iOS”.

In the PC you will have to do the same, open the web browser like Google Chrome then search for “Pushbullet extension” in Google. Install the extension in the browser.

Sign up or Log in

Now when the application and extension are both installed successfully then open the app from the phone and then click on sign up. Remember you should sign up on the Pushbullet app with that Google account which is already logged in the PC’s web browser Google. To know which account is logged in the PC just simply open Gmail and look at the top right side. After Sign up, you are almost complete to display phone notifications on desktop. While setting up the app it also asks for some administrative rights so allow them and go ahead.

Complete left steps

Open the Pushbullet app from phone and then go to menu by clicking on the three bars. Then go to Notification Mirroring after going there, enable the Notification mirroring. To test whether the system is working or not you can send a test notification. For that go to Notification Mirroring and then find the option for sending a test notification. The app and extension work online, it will not work offline.

Other features of Pushbullet

Pushbullet not only allows you to mirror phone notifications on desktop but it also has got some other features too. You can send SMS using the pushbullet extension from the PC. Not only that, you can send and receive files using the app and extension from PC to mobile or mobile to PC. The Pro version of this app allows sending 16 GB of files. In the app, there is an option by which you can follow popular news channels and read them. It has also got a Remote files browsing option.