Microsoft Working on Android Powered Phones Reports say

Microsoft, after the discontinuation of its Lumia lineup, hasn't announced details of any additional smartphone nonetheless. However, according to another report, the Redmond-based Microsoft could be planning to start a brand new Android-powered smartphone shortly. Considering that Microsoft is already winding up its Windows Phone service, the new lineup is obviously not likely to be in the Lumia series. However, there's absolutely not any concrete info on if they'll be launched from the Surface lineup, as a Surface Telephone is reported to be in development for a long time, but there have no concrete escapes around it at the recent years.

Microsoft Android Powered Phones

As per a report from Windows Latest, a Microsoft representative also has claimed that the business's engineering group is actively working on"a new lineup of SmartPhones". The screenshots of a text dialog suggest that the new lineup will not be part of the Lumia series, however there isn't any clarity on whether the Surface team is behind the evolution. The key information tipped from the report is that the new variant of Android-powered phones will be marketed on Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Android Phone Launch Date

There is absolutely no word yet on the launch date , although if the apparatus does exist and is still now under development, there's a possibility that it might be made official at the end of this year. But seeing the latest rumors have indicated the Surface Telephone has been postponed until late 2019, we wouldn't be shocked if the Microsoft Android smartphone arrives sometime early next calendar year.

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In the screenshots shared at the title , the Microsoft representative is seen claiming the engineers of Windows Phone are currently preparing to establish a fresh model. However, the person does not appear to confirm a lot of facts about the sort of models that Microsoft will release, but he does say that the phones will not be running on Windows 10. The mysterious phone is said to be coming in a new lineup of Microsoft-branded smartphones running on Android OS.

To remember, previous reports had suggested that Microsoft has new ballistic projects under its shelf codenamed Libra. Also, details of Microsoft's secret Surface apparatus codenamed Andromeda that it allegedly plans to release in 2018, continues to be seen.

Could a Microsoft Android Smartphone be a hit?

As most of you might be aware, Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system failed to achieve much popularity throughout the period it had been alive. In actuality, Microsoft earned more from the sales of Android apparatus thanks to its licensing arrangements with Android OEMs. Microsoft also provides a wide range of apps for your Android operating system now and has partnered with Samsung in the recent years to ship Galaxy smartphones with pick Microsoft apps from the factory. If Microsoft is actually working within an Android smartphone, it will certainly arrive with Microsoft's app and services package out of the box, along with different customizations. Even though Microsoft seems to have given up on the idea of making a new portable operating system for tablets, it's anticipated to integrate at least several Windows Phone features to its custom Android skin.