Microsoft Shows How Chrome And Firefox Are Bad For Your Laptop's Battery

Microsoft has published a video to market its Edge browser. The video compares Edge with leading internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Microsoft conducted a battery test under controlled environment which shows How Chrome and Firefox are bad for your laptop's battery. Edge provides you up to 36%-53% additional battery life as compared to other alternatives.

Poor power efficiency is one among the annoying worrying issues a laptop computer user faces. Mix it with some RAM-hogging applications software and you’ve prepared an ideal disaster situation. According to Microsoft’s latest video advertisements, you'll be able to go an additional mile if you use its Edge browser.

As a part of its new campaign to inform the individuals concerning benefits of its Edge browser and Windows 10, Microsoft has published a new video that shows why using Chrome and Firefox on your laptop computer could be a foul plan.

In addition, Microsoft claims that it has compared the leading web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera in a controlled environment and measured the power consumption.

Thanks to its power-saving enhancements like fewer cpu cycles, lesser memory, minimizing background processes, according to Microsoft, Edge is created to maximize your hardware’s potential and battery life.

Edge browser battery

The company conducted these tests on four identical Surface Books and programed the web browser the automate the same activities.

How Chrome And Firefox Are Bad For Your Laptop's Battery

The test results show that Microsoft Edge could be a lot more efficient in terms of energy consumption on Windows 10, supplying you with up to 36%-53% further juice. In the video, Google Chrome browser simply lasted 4 hours 19 minutes and Edge streamed identical content for 7 hours 22 minutes.

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Microsoft is making use of its Edge internet browsers as the main marketing points of Windows 10. Furthermore Microsoft is continuously making enhancements to the current internet Explorer-replacement that is its Edge browser with each new Windows 10 insider Build update.

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Because of these continuous improvements and efforts from Microsoft Edge is gain popularity in market gradually.

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