How to Make Google Chrome Faster

Google Chrome is by far the most used browser defeating the Firefox and upcoming Edge browser. But still in spite of all the features, bug fixes and huge Google support, Chrome can be slow sometimes because of unoptimized settings and lots of ads on. Here I will be sharing with you some tricks that will make Google Chrome faster and more responsive than before.

Make Google Chrome Faster

These tricks disable various unneeded features and settings in chrome to make web page load faster. We will be removing unnecessary features and plugins and also optimize some hidden settings to make Chrome faster.

First let’s start with basic steps to make google chrome load faster.

  1. Disable Unnecessary Extensions

Extensions are tools that extend functionality of Chrome browser. They are here to help but can be unhelpful if not monitored properly. Extensions runs in background and filter each page before it get displayed on screen. They can also load their own data needed for their functionality from internet.

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To Disable extensions you don’t need:

  • Access the Extensions tab by typing chrome://extensions in your Chromes location bar. Alternatively you can go to Options > More tools > Extensions.
  • Untick the Enabled check box to disable the extensions you don’t need. Inactive extensions will be shown in black and white colour.

Make Google Chrome Faster

2. Disable Unused Plugins

  • Plugins are similar to extensions. Their role is to extend functionalities of browser. Chrome comes with some pre-installed plugins like Chrome PDF viewer. Other plugins may be installed by some software on your PC (eg. Avast Safe browsing by Avast Antivirus).
  • To access plugins tab type chrome://plugins in Chrome’s location bar and disable the unneeded plugins.

Make Google Chrome Faster

Now we will be dealing with some hidden options in Chrome Browser known as Flags. Before we proceed it’s important for you to know that Flags are experimental features. Some flags may or may not end up in future updates.You can some how break browser so procced with caution. With that said, lets role in as Geeks usually do. 😀

How to access The Chrome’s Hidden Flags Menu:

  • To access the flags tab is very simple. Just type chrome://flags in your browsers location bar.
  • Note that flags are not shown in any particular order. Use Ctrl+F to find flags we will be using below.
  1. Increasing the Raster Threads

Raster threads are used to render images in Chrome. We will increase the number of raster threads to improve image render time which will directly improve the page load time.

  • Search for Number of Raster Threads in Flags tab using Ctrl+F and then choose 4 from the drop down.

Make Google Chrome Faster

  1. Enabling Simple Cache for HTTP

Simple cache is latest caching system included in Google Chrome. It is much faster than the traditional caching system

To enable simple cache search for Simple Cache for HTTP select Enabled using drop down menu.

Make Google Chrome Faster

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  1. Prevent Auto Reload of Tabs

Google Chrome regularly reloads tabs to serve you fresh content. Even if you’re working on one tab the background tabs will auto reload. If you have a slow internet connections this can be annoying.

To prevent this search for Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs and select Enabled using drop down.

Make Google Chrome Faster

  1. Close Tabs/Windows Faster

This options runs a separate java script handler which is independent of the graphical interface and speeds up the Tabs closing process.

To enable fast tab closing search for Fast tab/window close and click on Enable.

Make Google Chrome Faster

  1. Prioritizing iframes

iFrames are used by web designer to insert some content into web page from another source. In simple words it’s a webpage inside a web Page as iframes needs to fetch data using another link. Mostly they are used to display Adverts and other non-essential content.

Enabling this feature lets Chrome load the important iFrames faster. The non-essential iFrames and Ads will be loaded after the page load completes.

Make Google Chrome Faster

To enable this feature search for Low priority iframes and click Enable.

  1. TCP Fast Open

TCP fast option send the initial sync packet earlier while establishing connection. This speeds up the process and avoid time-consuming Three-Way-Handshake process.

To enable this search for TCP Fast Open and Enable it.

Make Google Chrome Faster

Confirming and relaunching to apply changes

Whenever you make changes to a flag value, you’ll need to restart Chrome browser before the changes take effect. To do that just click on RELAUNCH NOW button that appears at bottom of screen whenever you change a flags value.

Make Google Chrome Faster

Redoing changes

In case you broke up something you need not be worried. Chrome Flags can be reset in just single click.

Type chrome://flags in browsers location bar and you will find Reset all to default  button in top right corner.

Make Google Chrome Faster


So these were some steps you can do to Make Google Chrome Faster. Have any another tricks or know any other Flags/Settings to tweak? Let us know in comments below.