How to click better photos and videos with the Samsung Galaxy S8

One of the best sections of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the photographic , as it was valued as a mobile that better pictures takes, and today, we show a mod for the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 what will do will increase the performance of this with New features for a photographer who falls short with the professional mode.

Samsung has always been king in this respect, and its camera application has always been one of the best we can find today. It has a professional mode that allows you to take full advantage of the camera , controlling exposure, ISO or changing various factors that can be customized in a professional camera.

For many people, this camera application is short, so we bring you a mod for the camera application that will allow us to modify it a bit, but this little will give us some functions that may become essential for someone. In order to have this mod , we have to have the Samsung Galaxy S8 rooted . Once this is done, we have already met the requirements to test this new camera application.

Upgrade the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with this mod


Let's first start talking about the advantages that this application of the camera has. This Galaxy S8 Camera mod does not improve the quality of photography, but it does allow us to handle several factors that can be quite useful when using it:

  • HDR for 4K photos
  • Autofocus in all shooting modes
  • No time limit when recording video
  • The quality of the saved in JPG is improved
  • Effects for video in 4K modes
  • Choose the gallery where we want it saved
  • Can use flash with low battery

The only bad thing about this application is that it is paid, and has a final price of 3.59 euros. It is available in Google Play and when we install will be compatible directly with the application of default camera app  of Galaxy S8, so you do not have to worry about anything. All users who have tried it have left a very good opinion of it since, to be something unofficial, is giving very good results.

In case you fall short with the functions of the Samsung camera, this camera will allow you to go one step further with those little new features. It is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S8 , although some users say they have also tested it with the S7 and S7 Edge in Nougat and it works perfectly.