Is our Aadhaar Data Secure? Aadhaar data leak and scandals

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in the year 2009 launched the Aadhaar, a 12 digits identification number for the residents of India which had different information like biometrics details, demographic data, and personal data. Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of India when this scheme was being brought under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. But we hear about Aadhaar data leak and scandals daily.

Today there are 1.22 billion people registered on Aadhaar, hence the security and privacy of protecting this many large and important data are very tough. Recently, many reports claimed that the Aadhaar data is not safe. Some rumors also say that many Aadhaar card data has been leaked online by the hackers but the UIDAI denied any data breach occurred confirmed that no data leak has taken place and all the data of citizens are totally safe. But the question still arises “Is really Aadhaar data secure?” Handling the privacy of biggest database is not so simple.

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UIDAI has assured the citizens many times that the “Aadhaar data is fully secured” but is that fact really true? Recently, the TRAI (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India) chief posted a dare via a Twitter post mentioning his Aadhaar number and challenging do whatever you can do with my Aadhaar number. After some days of the post, his daughter got an email from someone which asked for a ransom and also mentioned if the ransom is not paid then he would leak some of the very confidential and important data of the TRAI chief.

The email also had two or three email ids belonging to the chief and some more data. This act indicates that how much is the importance of the 12 digit numbers and how it can be misused by someone but it is till now not clear that does an Aadhaar number can reveal all your information. The most interesting part of the story is that after few days of the post, UIDAI posted on Twitter telling not to post challenges or dares by revealing Aadhaar number or details in social media.

Now the UIDAI says that no data has been fetched using RS Sharma’s (TRAI's chief, the person who posted challenge in the Twitter mentioning his Aadhaar number) Aadhaar number.

Journalism Giants on Aadhaar data leak and scandals

Popular news platforms like The Hindu and Hindustan Times also confirmed that no data of TRAI’s chief has leaked from the Aadhaar database. This shows that Aadhaar data is hence very safe and we wish it will remain the same in the coming time. They are uplifting the security of Aadhaar data by providing more transparency to the Aadhaar users about where and how their Aadhaar is being used. Now anyone can view his or her Aadhaar authentication history online.

It will show when, where, how and by whom your Aadhaar number was used for any type of work. It is a very simple trick for seeing the history of your Aadhaar authentications. You can now simply check where your Aadhaar data has been used.

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This is emerging Digital India. Connecting all peoples together and then keeping their privacy secure. The Personal Data Protection Bill by Srikrishna Justice Committee is a one step more ahead for making the world of technology more safe and secure. This bill should prevent Aadhaar data leak and scandals in future.