The iPhone 8 could arrive without Touch ID or Apple Pay

The iPhone 8 is one of the great phones of the year that are yet to come. One of the most anticipated and would arrive with a price higher than 1,000 euros . But the Apple phone could come without Touch ID and without Apple Pay.

The new Apple phone is expected to arrive in September but its launch is not an easy task for Cupertino. The OLED screens would make the stock quite limited once the mobile phone's release date arrived and would also raise its price. But it is not the only problem they encounter.

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The manufacturer has only a few weeks ahead to decide whether or not to include the fingerprint module built into the screen , something that Samsung tried for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and was finally discarded. Apple is still struggling to fix the fingerprint sensor and this could delay the phone or launch it without Touch ID , which could be a problem in sales.

In addition, the information provided by Apple analysts, according to 9to5Mac, assure that it could also dispense with support for Apple Pay. "We do not believe that facial recognition is initially apt as a verification method for Apple Pay," they explained. Apple could get it in a while but the iPhone 8 would launch, a priori, without support for the payment system.

According to the latest information and according to KGI, the Touch ID could be replaced by facial recognition but the problem would come with Apple Pay, which has been sold to banks and retailers as a totally safe and tested system. If you want to bet on the facial recognition system, you would also have to convince the banks that it is a safe method.

According to the latest information, Apple wants to do everything possible to move forward with the integrated Touch ID and have to solve the security problems found so that the mobile is ready. Problems with Touch ID could make the mobile phone not arrive until late October or early November.

At the moment there is no confirmation on how the iPhone 8 will be, what features it will have or whether it will finally arrive with the sensor integrated or not. We will have to wait a few weeks to get to know more details and also confirm if the new Apple phone will be priced as exorbitant as expected.

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