iOS Wi-fi Assist. What It Is and How to Turn It Off to Save Data

Many iOS users were criticizing the lack of performance of their iPhones when Wi-Fi connectivity was weak. Far from being a problem of the device, but of being the wireless technology itself, since Apple have wanted to look for the best solution that would allow users to ensure the best possible performance of the device and all applications thereof even when the link level Wi-Fi was weak. With iOS 9 Apple has solved this problem, albeit at a fairly high price.

One of the new features implemented in iOS 9 is the " Wi-Fi Assist ". This feature seeks to ensure that iPhone running Apple's new mobile operating system ensures that you always have Internet connectivity, at the highest possible speed, using the mobile data connection when the Wi-Fi connection is low, limited or zero. This function is activated by default in the new iOS, however, if we are not aware of it it is possible that our data rate reaches its limit in just a few days.

We must keep in mind that the most usual data rates go around giga or, at most, two gigs. When we are on the street and use the device we are aware that we must generate the lowest traffic possible not to spend these megas, however from home, connected to the Wi-Fi network, we usually download updates, games, watch videos and listen to music on Streaming and other content that in a short time can add several hundred megs.

If our Wi-Fi connection is not good, the operating system will be using the "Wi-Fi Assist" function, ie the megas of the data rate to download all this content, adding hundreds of megs in a short time that will end For spending the full rate of the month in a short time. Luckily, this feature can be deactivated, so that when the Wi-Fi connection is limited or bad, our data rate is used to guarantee connectivity. To do this, all we have to do is open the iOS settings panel and enter the "Mobile data" section.

Once there we move to the bottom and we will see a switch called "Wi-Fi Assist". The only thing that remains to be done is to deactivate this switch to deactivate this functionality.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in this section, we can also disable all applications that we do not want to connect to the Internet through the mobile data network. This way we will save as much megabytes in our data rate as the battery in the device by reducing the activity of applications in the background when the phone is connected to 3G / 4G networks.