Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page In Single Click

Facebook is one of the best social media platform. Along with personal profile it has many features like groups, pages etc. Facebook page is great tool to connect with your audience and build some fan following and promote your business. Creating a page is merely a 10 mins job but the real challenge comes in getting likes on Facebook pages.

The easiest way to get initial likes is from your own friend list. But here starts the actual problem. Facebook don’t allow you to invite all your friends at once. Now it’s ok if you have few friends in your list but inviting up to 1000 friends means involving a 1000 clicks which is not practical.

Here’s a simple trick by which you can invite all your Facebook friends at once to like your page. This trick uses an JavaScript which automates the task for you. Each browser has ability to run java script. This function was provided to be used by web developers for debugging purpose but in our case we will use it to run a script which will automatically click invite button for you.

So follow me step by step to invite all your Facebook friends at once

  • Login to your Facebook and visit the page you want to invite your friends to. And click the invite friends option which you will find below the profile picture of that page ( if you are admin of that page, click the button besides message option and select invite friends from drop down menu).

invite frnds            invite facebbok friends

(NOTE: you need to be logged in as your personal profile while accessing the page. If you don't see the option to "Invite Friends", from your personal FB account type your page's URL directly into the browser URL bar and go straight to it. That should make it possible to get to step 2.)

  • Now a pop up of friends list will open, just browse down till you reach the end of that page i.e till last friend in  that list.


  • Now press Ctrl+Shift+J which will open up the JavaScript console. Ignore the warnings and just paste the below code in exact same manner including the curly bracket at end.
 javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm'); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }

javascript console

NOTE: Replace the apostrophe before and after the word uiButton _1sm and input from your keyboard if you get any error.

  • Press enter and wait for it to finish. Be patient it will take few seconds. You will see the invite button will turn to invited.


In my case some friends had alread liked my page, in that case script will send invitation to uninvited friends


You just spammed your friends with invite similar to that of candy crush! Have fun.