How to install and use Netflix on Android smartphones with root

Netflix is currently the network's largest streaming series and movie distribution platform. From this platform we will be able to access from any place and at any time, whenever we have an Internet connection, to your entire library of content either from a PC or fro11m a smartphone or any other device through a browser or the official application Of Netflix for him. However, from now on, if you have root you will not be able to download, or probably use in the not too distant future, this streaming video playback platform, or at least that is what you want.Here is a trick on how to  install and use Netflix on Android smartphones with root

For security reasons, and to place in part, against piracy, the Netflix application has stopped being distributed through the Play Store to users who have their devices modified , with the bootloader unlocked and with root permissions. At the moment, if you manually download the apk from this tool and install it from third sources, it will work fine, however, most likely at any time follow the steps of Pokemon Go or Super Mario Run and stop.

So, if we have our smartphone with superuser permissions, let's see how we can continue to install Netflix seamlessly from the Play Store and how to use it even if they block its use for users with root.

How to download Netflix from the Play Store even if we are root

The first thing to keep in mind before continuing is that, in order to hide root applications, we must have the new system "Magisk Root"  in our device since if we have some archaic root techniques we will not be able to hide it, Therefore, this manual will not help.

Once we have the corresponding permissions enabled on our device, the next step will be to configure Magisk Manager to allow us to hide the root permissions to the Play Store and, therefore, to be able to install Netflix without problems from the application store. Android without having to resort to third-party applications and, in addition, be able to update it directly from the store.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.

Price: Free+

To do this, open "Magisk Manager" and look in the section " Magisk Hide " the Play Store. Once selected, the only thing we have to do is open it and look for the Netflix application, seeing how it appears without problems despite having root permissions and lets us install and update it directly from the store.

In the following article we explain how we can configure Magisk Manager to make this configuration. The only thing we should change from this manual is the example application by, as we have said, the Play Store.

How to use Netflix on an Android smartphone with root

At the moment, although we can not download the application if we have root, if we download it from other alternative sources this does work, although it will not forever, that is for sure.

Luckily, this same technique is entirely valid for hiding the root permissions to the Netflix app just as it works for Pokemon Go, Fire Emblem or Super Mario Run.

To make sure that we do not have problems to have root permissions, all we have to do is look in the "Magisk Hide" Netflix application and mark it to hide the root of it. In this way, although in the near future block the application for users with these advanced permissions, it will continue to work without any problems.