Improve the Security and Privacy of iOS 9 With These Settings

iOS 11, the new version of Apple's operating system for iPhone and iPad is here. This new operating system comes with significant improvements in usability and performance, but internally it also improves the privacy and security of users.

How-to-Secretly-Track-Someones-Location-With-iOSTaking advantage of the update to the new operating system is recommended to review the main sections related to the security and privacy of our device and our data. Equally, we must take advantage to apply the new measures of security and privacy  like secure safari browsing in the new version of the operating system as we will see next..

  1. Set up a new 6-digit PIN code

One of the new security features of iOS 9 is a more complex PIN code. Instead of the usual 4 digits in the Apple system, it is now possible to protect access to a 6-digit code that makes it more difficult to guess by techniques, for example, brute force.

To activate the 6-digit PIN, simply go to Settings> Touch ID and Code and choose a custom number code here.


2. Disables PPP location services

Many applications make use of location services to display information more in line with our location. Whether through GPS, mobile networks and even Wi-Fi many applications may want to know our exact location.

Every time an application tries to access our location the operating system will display a warning. We can block access to this data to prevent the application from knowing where we are.

3. Do not allow applications to access personal data

Complementing the above recommendation, when an application attempts to access our iOS personal data will show us a warning. We can block access to this private information by simply denying access to it when iOS 9 requests it. That way the application will generally work without problems, but protecting our privacy.

4. Use Do-Not-Track services to perform searches

Conventional search engines like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! And the like control the searches of users who, even if they are not logged in, are always associated with a personal ID. From iOS 8 it is possible to configure DuckDuckGo as the default search engine to prevent companies from tracking our activity.

If we have not already done so, we can activate this function from Settings> Safari> Search Engine and choose there the DuckDuckGo engine so that they do not track or monitor our activity.

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5. Set up an extra layer of security

Although the PIN code is a secure system, especially if it is 6 digits, it is possible to further improve security.

If our device has a fingerprint reader we must configure it and use it as a protection system so that, apart from being more comfortable, we will have an additional security system.

The latest iOS devices will also have a new "unique 3d fingerprint" system that will allow you to configure a single fingerprint as a locking system, without which the system will be impossible to unlock.

6. Turn on "Find my device"

With this tool, apart from being able to easily locate your device in case of loss or theft, we can also block use so that the thief or the person who finds it can not unlock, access our data and even restore factory settings. The device will be locked and unusable.

This protection system can be configured in Settings> iCloud> Search for my device

A very useful function, but if we want that Apple does not track us, we must keep this function off.


7. Buy apps and add-ons in the App Store securely

For safety, especially when there are minors using the devices, it is advisable to protect sales using our Apple ID or our fingerprint reader. In this way unauthorized people will not be able to make purchases without our permission, thus avoiding scars and dislikes at the end of the month.

8. Change the default password for your iOS access point

Although iOS defaults to a security key when it comes to creating an access point on our device, it is best to change it to a longer, safer and merge letter, numbers, and special characters.

In this way, other unauthorized persons will not be able to connect to the device through the access point and access our data.

9. Control ads and activity tracking

The Internet is maintained thanks to advertising. Without advertising many web pages would not be possible, however, there are many advertising companies that try to collect more data than they should from users, even going to follow the navigation of the user in question.

IOS 9 implements several improvements when it comes to limiting activity tracking, so we can control it from the section Settings> Privacy> Ads and limiting the tracking of them here, avoiding that every time ad loads when surfing the Internet This can know data about us and follow the websites we visit.