How to improve reading on our iPhone or iPad with the iOS Zoom function

Nowadays, most of the screens of our devices have very large resolutions that make many of the elements of the screens, for example, the icons or the letters, appear very small. For this reason, many users, especially those of advanced age with problems of vision, will have many problems to read these elements properly and will have to resort to techniques like to move away the device (to allow the eye to approach better from afar) or even to use a Magnifying glass or glasses for the device.

The iPhone and iPad have screens called " Retina ". These screens are mainly characterized by having a very high pixel density and, therefore, although they are very clear, sometimes can cause some users with problems of vision have problems to correctly see many elements of the screens.

For this reason, iOS has a function called " Zoom " specially designed to expand a certain area of the screen and thus facilitate reading without the need to use glasses or have to resort to special magnifiers. To activate this function, all you have to do is open the device settings menu and access the " General "> "Accessibility " section.

In this new section we will click on the option " Zoom " and we will see a series of options on this new configuration menu.

The first thing to do is to activate this function before you can start using it. To do so, we will only activate the "Zoom" switch and we will see how a small window appears that will expand everything underneath it (as if it were an internal magnifying glass).

This Zoom function has a number of controls such as:

  • Press twice with 3 fingers to zoom in.
  • Press with 3 fingers at a time and move them to move the zoom window.
  • Double-tap with 3 fingers and move them to increase or decrease the zoom.
  • Press again with 3 fingers twice to deactivate the zoom.

In addition, we can easily move the window by dragging with a finger from the bottom edge of the zoom window (to expand the area we want) and even access a zoom configuration window by pressing 3 times with 3 fingers on the screen.

In addition, within this same section we can configure other options related to the use of zoom, such as the possibility of following the focus, a " smart writing " mode to facilitate writing on the screen, enable a driver for zoom controls, Configure the region to be expanded, and configure the filter and zoom level.

Thanks to this tool, all users with visual problems will be able to see better screen of your device without having to be always pending to wear glasses or have to move the screen away from the face to see, badly, what it puts In the small but definite letters of these screens.

Magnifier, the feature that complements iOS Zoom to help us see small things taking advantage of the camera of our iPhone or iPad

While the above functions are specially designed to expand the screen content into a sort of "virtual magnifying glass" to be able to see it without problems, there are occasions when we may also have trouble seeing the fine print, for example, A letter or a book.

Fortunately, iOS also incorporates a feature called "Magnifier" that allows us to use the camera of our device as a magnifying glass so that we can use our iPhone or iPad to read more comfortably any external text. To do this, from the menu " Settings> General> Accessibility " open the " Magnifying glass" section and activate the two options that appear.

From now on, if we press 3 times on the " Home " button of our device, the "Magnifier" will automatically activate and we can see anything increased. In addition, we can also enable a series of "filters" in case we have problems to differentiate different tones of color.

In this way, we will be able to use our device, which always comes with us, to read virtually any text comfortably, regardless of whether it has a very small size or is well distinguishable with the colors around it.